As restrictions imposed by the UK government around the ongoing pandemic continue to put pressure on many businesses, it is no surprise that business owners have been looking for ways to save money by reducing costs where possible, including reducing energy costs. While gas and electricity tend to be the first areas investigated when it comes to saving money, there is much to say about water. In this short post, we’ll cover a few ways businesses can cut costs on water bills.

Check if you’re eligible for a rebate

If your business has had to close during the first lockdown in 2020 (March to July), you may be eligible for reduced charges, as allowed by the water services regulation authority Ofwat. Check with your water retailer to see if they have a process in place for businesses that have been affected.

Outwith these dates, you may still be able to save some money with the help of your water supplier, as many suggest sending frequent meter readings to help keep bills as accurate as possible, often meaning businesses will be able to keep costs down.

Check for leaks and repairs

Leaving leaks and other issues unattended could be flushing money down the drain – pun intended. Leaks are not always visible or obvious, so keeping an eye out for any sign of leakage is important. A common sign would be to have water bills increased suddenly for no apparent reason, while usage has remained the same.

Something as trivial as a dripping faucet could see you waste as much as 90 litres a month, so when it comes to saving money, remember that no repair can be too small.

Check if you can get a better water rate

Not everyone realises that just like other utility providers, you can choose to switch water retailer if you are not currently satisfied with yours, or if you’re looking to get a better rate (if you are based in England or Scotland, as things operate differently in Wales and Northern Ireland). 

It is definitely worth looking into what other suppliers could do for you and if you could get a better rate. It’s also worth considering what services are offered, as some water retailers like Castle Water will offer specific services and guidance around water efficiency, which in turn will see water bills reduced.

Check if you’re efficiently using water

As we’ve just mentioned, water usage can be key when it comes to making savings. Start by reviewing how your business uses water as a whole, so you can understand where improvements can be made. This is something your water retailer can help you with, through a water audit.

Areas covered can usually go from wastewater/ trade effluent agreements to water meters, efficiency of the facilities in your premises or any efficiency plan in place with suppliers or contractors. While carrying out a plan to make your business more water-efficient can seem like an investment of time and resources at first, you will quickly see the impact on your water bills, so you will be able to save in the long term.

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