A car accident settlement is not always an easy process, especially for someone who’s not into insurance or law. If you’re injured in an accident, you’re entitled to a certain degree of benefit. Albeit, it’s a complicated process to determine what the reward amount would be.


Let’s Get Started

You can either file for a settlement claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the injuring party. While the former can be represented by the insurance company itself, the latter involves more parties, including the legal officials. This is to determine the facts of the case before the extent of the damages is ascertained.


One can be compensated for more than just medical expenses. If you have lost wages or earnings due to the injury, you can claim the amount lost. You can also make a claim for the emotional stress you have suffered or any damage to personal relationships as a result of the accident. To get a non-earner benefit, you must meet certain requirements. A qualified lawyer will help you determine your eligibility for various benefits here, https://diamondlaw.ca/blog/list-of-benefits-one-can-expect-from-a-car-accident-settlement.

Income Replacement Benefits

If you’re forced to quit a job as a result of a car accident, you’ll be entitled to an income replacement benefit. Under this benefit, you’ll receive a percentage of the original wages.

Caregiver Benefits

Sometimes an accident can result in a chronic injury that would result in you needing the assistance of a caregiver. You can also have access to resources to pay for this service following a car accident settlement.  

On the contrary, the attendant care benefits provide you with assistance with daily activities such as hygiene, cooking, etc.


Claims Settlement Process

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in this dire situation, the first step is to report the incident to your agent, broker, or insurance company within seven days. During the time of the report, you’ll need to have all the facts in hand, such as the names, license plate info, make of the vehicle, date and time of the accident, etc. 

Also, you should go through your insurance policy, which states the type and the extent of damages covered. 

Once you file your claim, you’ll be contacted by the adjuster to meet in person or over the telephone. Finally, once the company investigates the circumstances of the case, it’ll make a fault decision under the fault determination rules. Anytime during this process or after it, you can seek the assistance of a lawyer, if need be.  


It’s not mandatory to consult a lawyer for car accident settlements. Sometimes, it helps to go through the insurance company alone. But, if there are complexities in the case and several injuries, it’s better to speak to a lawyer.

The insurance companies sometimes have a cap on the amount you can claim and try to limit the amount, which means you may need outside help to receive nothing less than you deserve.