Individuals are becoming much more conscious of the implications of utilizing technology all the time. Whether it’s cyber-bullying, data protection or mental or health reasons, individuals have been taking breaks from social networking as well as their gadgets.

It’s believed that this really is getting an immediate effect on the kind of phones individuals are buying. Research from well over 10,000 students across Britain says almost 75% of individuals have gone through a ‘digital detox’. Lots of people stated they’d most likely try it again later on, according to Sell Compare.

Brick Phones

We’re now seeing an ever growing number of individuals using ‘brick phones’. And it is not only seniors. In the ending of this past year, Nokia released their latest version of the classic 3310. Even more recently, Nokia revealed that they are getting back the 8810. Generally known as the ‘Matrix phone’ from older days, the 8810 will come in some pretty vibrant colours. This really is to attract the more youthful generations. The re-release of the old favourites proves the demand is real. People desire a functional communication device that does not have the features that may frequently be rather distracting.

New Nokia 3310

The brand new Nokia 3310 was launched in the finish of this past year and it has become extremely popular.

Lots of people surveyed stated that they have several phones. Typically, this could incorporate a smartphone  like an iPhone 7 Plus along with a more fundamental phone, so the user could switch backward and forward whenever they desired to. An ever growing number of individuals using a smartphone for work or education are switching them back in the weekends. They’re then reverting to a brick phone that’s only able to make calls, delivering texts and possibly snapping the odd photo. Which means that they’re much more ‘present’ within their everyday lives as they possibly can live it disconnected instead of via a screen.


As the scientific studies are very new and it is certainly beginning, this may be an indication of things to come. Individuals are getting frustrated with being preoccupied using their phones all the time, so that they are starting to spend less time on social networking, games,  and other time sucks. This may be the beginning of something totally new that can lead to the loss of high-finish smartphone sales altogether.

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