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Selling your home is sometimes a daunting prospect, some properties sell in the blind of an eye, while others take forever. If you are planning on putting your property on the market, there are certain things you will need to do. The first thing any buyer will notice when they arrive at your home, is the state of your roof. If it has seen better days, they could instantly lose interest.

Evaluate the Condition of the Roof

Knowing whether or not to call an expert in Sydney roofing to replace the structure is a tough decision. Things may look fine from the ground, but once someone gets up there, they may see a long list of problems that require attention.

There is no way of knowing the condition of a roof until you have it evaluated by a professional. It does not cost much to schedule an assessment and have your roofed appraised by a skilled roofer. If they notice any issues with it, they will be able to give you a breakdown of the cost.

Thorough Inspection

Even if there is nothing wrong with your roof, you still have the benefit of having it inspected by a professional. An experienced roofer will crawl through the attic and conduct a thorough assessment of the structure to ensure it is in good condition.

Most home buyers will have the property inspected, so it is best to identify any issues that could affect the sale of the house during the final phase. There are many ways to ensure a stress free transaction, a pre-sale roof inspection is one of them.

Eyeing the Competition

If your roof looks like it has seen better days, you may want to consider a replacement. Look around the neighbourhood and see what else is on offer. How does your home compare with others that are on the market? Does the exterior of the house – including the roof – look more attractive than yours?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider replacing the roof and boosting your property’s curb appeal. In a buyers’ market, the buyer has more homes to choose from. That is why you need to take steps to ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Value for Money

There are many tips online about how to successfully sell your property and most of them will tell you to make some home improvements if they offer a good return on investment. There are many good reasons to replace a roof before you put the property up for sale:

  • Boost curb appeal
  • Increased asking price
  • Increased buyer confidence

All of these are great advantages, but your roof should only be replaced if you are getting value for money.

Having a good roof is definitely a positive selling point. Most buyers are prepared to make some cosmetic changes but not many of them want to do major repair jobs that involve important structures like the roof. Before you put your property up for sale, schedule an assessment and speak to your local roofer.

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