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If you are planning to relocate in the near future and are looking to sell your current home, this article was written with you in mind. The process of selling your home can seem like a monumental challenge, with so many properties on the market, and finding a real estate agent is another hurdle to negotiate, and your choice is important if you are looking for a quick sale.

Real Estate Agent-Finding Service

You’ll be pleased to learn that there are free online resources designed to help Australian homeowners find the best real estate agent when looking to sell or rent their property, with a leading provider at, where you can enter a few details about your property and then receive a list of recommended real estate agents. The website offers you real-time information about any given agent, with the following:

  • Number of units sold this year.
  • Number of units currently listed.
  • The median value
  • The average number of days a property is on the market.

This makes comparing agents very easy, and when you are ready to make an enquiry to any agent, you can do so using this platform.

Entering Required Information

When an Australian homeowner wishes to use the free services of a real estate agent-finding service, all they have to do is fill in the information fields, which are:

  • Type of property – House, bungalow, townhouse, apartment, villa, or plot of land.
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Estimated value

Finally, you type in the full postal address of the property in question and in a few minutes, you will receive a list of real estate agents that the provider recommends, based on the information given.

Comparing Real Estate Agents

With so many real estate agents, it can seem like a challenge to choose one to sell your property, but with a local agent-finding service, you have all the information at hand to choose one that is a high performer. If you are thinking of acquiring a rental property, here is an informative article that might be useful.

Listing the Property

Once you have decided on an agent, they will arrange to have their in-house photographer pay you a visit and take the photos needed to list the property, and with professional web content writers, the property description will be professional. The agent might recommend a few things to boost thee kerb-appeal of the property, such as trimming the hedges, cleaning the driveway and a general tidy-up prior to taking the photos.

The Legalities

The agent would help with this, and here is a link to a government website with all you need to know about buying and selling property in Australia, which should prove to be very useful. Of course, there are taxes involved and you could ask your lawyer to oversee the sale and the purchase of your new home.

You can make the best use of the Internet in sourcing a real estate agent with a free agent-finding service, which will get the ball rolling and within a short time, you will be moving into your new home.

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