The Chromebook “Problem”

If you’ve spent any time using Google’s Chromebooks – the low-end ultraportable laptops designed with long battery life, basic Web browsing, and a small handful of other, relatively simple functions in mind – you’ve probably come up against the machine’s very real limitations. They have limited power when it comes to graphical output, they aren’t particularly fast, and their operating system, Chrome OS, has a somewhat restricted selection of tools available.

Even though Google has opened up the Chrome ecosystem by allowing these machines to run both Linux and Android apps, the selection of apps that actually run well on a Chromebook is far smaller than it might appear at first glance.

Opening the Door

Google is taking steps to help create a more curated Chrome user experience and change things for the better – especially for the gamer on the go. Recently, the tech giant gave all Chromebook users access to Doom and Doom II, the classic first person shooters released in the early 1990s by id Software. However, for the player looking for more than a nostalgia trip, there are now more options than ever before.

In addition to a number of other updates to the Play Store, Google has added a selection of premium games that run well on Chromebooks. For all the technical reasons outlined above, this list is, in fact, very small, but it provides an incredible opportunity for Chromebook owners who want to play more games, as well as developers, who now have a better platform than ever to reach them.

A quick glimpse at the Play Store’s games list includes Incredibox, Game Dev Tycoon, The Enchanted Worlds, Bridge Constructor Portal, and Cultist Simulator, as well as a few others. Though the Chromebook can run other Android titles, these games have scalable display options that look better on a Chromebook display and are more compatible with keyboard and mouse input than Android’s touch-only approach.

Not all Chromebook users may have access to this section of the Play Store yet, but the update will be rolled out to all in the weeks to come.

Why Cultist Simulator?

Cultist Simulator is the first title by Weather Factory, the studio founded by Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan. It uses card game mechanics to tell the story of someone whose actions can help them to build a cultlike following. It relies on Kennedy’s prose and unique visuals that don’t require extensive full motion video or intense rendering to move the game forward, and it can be easily played on the go. All of these factors help make Cultist Simulator a great choice for Chromebook users.

The current version of Cultist Simulator available on Chromebook includes the full original game, as well as the three DLC packages released before the end of 2019: Dancer, Priest, and Ghoul. A full port of Exile, the major expansion released in late May, 2020, will be ported to mobile and made available soon, but has not yet been announced.

Learn more about Alexis Kennedy and Cultist Simulator: