Often dubbed the most expensive decision you’ll ever make (it also happens to be very stressful), it would be fair to say that there is plenty to consider when taking the plunge to move home.

Today isn’t about talking about what neighborhood you should be targeting next – there are plenty of guides covering this matter.

Instead, this is all about the so-called simple stuff, that can quickly get out of hand. Let’s now take a look at some of the key things you should stay on top of as you make your move.

Pack an essentials box

This might well be the simplest tip of them all, but it’s one that’s easy to forget.

It’s a simple case of packing a box with all of the essentials you’ll need for the first night in your new home so that you’re not left scurrying around the house in the middle of the night looking for a toothbrush.

Start your packing a long time in advance

On the subject of packing, this is something that can’t be left until the last minute. If you’re weeks away, you’re already too late.

The truth is, as moving day fast approaches, packing is going to be the least of your worries. You’ll have plenty more official business to get on top of; the manual work of packing needs to be done as solicitors are working their magic on your next move.

This tips on moving house guide contains some specific packing hints to help you on your way – take a look and see if you can apply them.

Notify everyone that you’re moving

When we say “everyone”, we’re not just talking about people. Whether it’s your bank, loyalty card company or anyone else – make sure they’re kept in the loop for when your move is going to happen.

In truth, this is something that can be difficult to stay on top of, particularly if your moving date keeps, well, moving. As such, our best advice is to purchase a mail redirection service and keep it in place for a few months. Then, once you are settled in, you can tidy up all of your paperwork and make sure it starts heading to your new home.

Get someone to help out with the kids and pets

Moving house is great fun for kids initially, but the novelty soon wares off. Little attention is directed towards them and before you know it, chaos ensues.

As such, whether it is the kids or the pets, try and enlist some outside help. It will make your day much easier – and theirs much more enjoyable.

Introduce yourself to the neighbours

Finally, this is something that doesn’t happen enough in the modern-day world. As soon as you move in, introduce yourself to the neighbours. They will become your local allies; whether it’s forming long-lasting friendships, or simply having a reliable person to check on your home if you head off on holiday.

Some people will go all-out and throw a housewarming party, but in truth, just walking up to their front door and offering an introduction is sufficient.

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