The phrase “an Englishman’s home is his castle” resonates with most British. Most British, therefore, love properties with this phrase. A lot of TV shows have fed us with “Location, location, location”, “Old House, New Home”, “Selling Houses”, “Grand designs”, and many more.

The TV shows also inspire new homeowners to develop the best homes. In addition, a lot of people want to invest in property development. And they want to make a full-time income from property development.

Is it easy being a property developer? If it was easy, everyone would have successful property development businesses. It is essential to study hard before you start a property development business.

It is even better to hire a property accountant to help you prepare, maintain, and review your financial records.

Create a Business Plan

Almost every business owner creates a business plan before starting their business. The plan helps business owners focus on income-generating activities. It is easy to solve issues when you have a plan. You can use online resources to create your business plan.

Here are the important elements of a business plan:

Business objectives – where you want to invest, the size of the project, the types of properties, etc.

Your business’s mission statement – what will make your property development business stand out?

Your team – know the professionals you will hire to help you grow your business

Your methodology – the day-to-day activities you will use to grow your business

SWOT analysis – the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses of your business

Financial projections – long-term financial expectations of your business

Location, Location, Location

The location is one of the most important elements of the property development business. Do not, however, buy properties in the most expensive and popular areas and expect to succeed.

It is better to consider your target audience before you buy a property or develop a property. For instance, if you want to target family homes, your properties should be close to amenities and shops, good schools, a leisure center, a park, and many more.

Do Proper Research

You can use property development and property investment to build wealth. However, property development and property investment come with big risks. It is, therefore, crucial to do proper research and detailed analysis.

Check the property portal data in places where you plan to develop your property. You must know the types of properties selling and how much they sell.

It is a good idea to check the sale price per square foot. Do not, however, rely on this information to make your decision. You can use the information as a guide and know why some properties achieve great returns. The prices of properties in the same location can vary due to accessibility, outlook, or traffic noise.

Do your due diligence. Then, create your budget. Do not go over your budget. Do not use your heart to make your decisions. If you make the wrong decisions, your business might not make any profits. It can even cost you more money in the long run. You can lose your capital. 

Assess Your Funds

Property developers must have a strong source of funding. You can fund your property development business in various ways. The jargon, however, confuses a lot of new property developments. For instance, do you know whether you need a bridge loan or mezzanine funding?

If you are new to this business, you can use the internet to compare the various property development finance UK. A property development finance broker can help you find the best loans. You can, therefore, talk to an independent broker to know your options. The broker can help you check the numbers and tell you if the property will be profitable.

Property development and property investment are some of the most rewarding businesses. It is, however, better to plan carefully before investing in any property. Hire a good team. Do your due diligence. And seek professional advice.

By Rob