The current global pandemic has taken more than 1 million lives and if you happen to have recently lost a family member to the Coronavirus, this can be extremely stressful. In a matter of weeks, your family member may have gradually declined in health and after a short time on a ventilator, they finally succumbed to respiratory issues. This is obviously a very traumatic experience for anyone and the best solution is to make enquiries with local funeral directors and select one who offers a comprehensive service that can be tailored to suit the client.

Local Funeral Director

If you live in Sydney, contact, who are a family run business that offers a caring and comprehensive service for those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19. This is a very stressful time and by calling an established funeral director, they can handle every aspect of the funeral, leaving you to grieve your loss without having to worry about arranging the funeral.

Funeral Service to Suit

It must be noted that not everyone has religious beliefs and a good funeral director can tailor the service to suit the client. You might prefer to celebrate their life rather than mourn their passing and by talking to the funeral director, you can create a service that is ideally suited. You may not wish to have a service at all, and with a basic cremation, the cost would be much-reduced. If you are still concerned about Covid-19, here is an informative article about the virus.

The Death Certificate

This is something the funeral director can help you with, as they are very experienced in the procedures that follow a passing, and regarding the funeral, they will assist you in any way they can. The family doctor would sign the death certificate, or a doctor at a hospital, if the deceased was in hospital at the time of passing.

Budget Funerals

A budget funeral is in no way inferior to a regular funeral, rather certain costs are kept to a minimum and if you are having financial difficulties, a budget funeral might be the best way forward. If the passing was totally unexpected, as is often the case with Covid-19, you may not have taken out insurance and that means you will have to pay for the funeral, which is more than stressful, and with a budget funeral, you will manage.

Eco-Friendly Funerals

There are funeral packages that are eco-friendly and if the deceased as a person that cared about the environment, this would be a suitable send off. A well-established funeral director can furnish you with a long list of client reviews, which gives you a clear indication on the service you can expect. Click here for the latest Covid-19 updates from the Australian government.

If you have yet to contact a funeral director, a Google search will bring up a list of local funeral parlours and you can make some enquiries, then choose a funeral director that meets your criteria.

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