Helen Lee Schifter has been an outspoken advocate for people to proceed with more caution and exercise more responsibility in the wake of the Coronavirus COVID-19 health pandemic. There’s little doubt that there’s been confusion in the messaging and communications apparatus coming from the Executive Branch and the World Health Organization as well.

Similarly to Helen Lee Schifter, others have been passionately vocal about this issue. There’s a fundamental need for members of certain age groups to ascertain a better and more comprehensive understanding of how important it is to exercise vigilance and caution throughout this health pandemic, the likes of which we have never experienced as a nation, and society in the world.

Younger people have especially seemed to in some cases, act in a somewhat lax and casually irresponsible matter in the wake of this virus hitting and striking in a detrimentally impactful way. So how can we change the way that young people are treating and comporting themselves in the wake of this devastating virus?

There needs to be a movement and effort at enlightenment and education of the youth demographic, according to the media channels that they use to consume information. Younger people for instance use untraditional modes of media and that follows their consumption habits. As such, there should be an effort to communicate to them using such channels; channels that are a reflection of where they get their news and therefore consume information.

Such a movement that is educational and informative in nature geared toward young people in a surgically focused manner, will be especially constructive and useful. There’s no doubt about that.