Every year trends change. You will notice some or the other changes happening and upgrading every year. Be it new trends in a mermaid wedding dress, new and unique decorations, or photography. There are many exciting trends in wedding waiting for you. Witness 7 new wedding trends for 2019 here:

1. Wedding Cakes:

Wedding cakes are back in trend, everyone demands a big multi-storeyed cake which catches everyone’s eye. This can serve as a centerpiece too. It will grab attention for sure. So for 2019, statement-making cakes are back on the table.

2. Flower Decorations:

This is certainly one of the best trends that you will see in 2019. Flower accessories, flower centerpieces, aisle decorated with flowers, flowery mermaid wedding dress – all these contribute to heavenly wedding decor. This trend has got inspiration from the royal wedding and is taking everyone’s heart away.

There are many beautiful flowers that you can pick for your big day. Choose bright colored flowers to add a pop of color in your wedding party.

3. Round Arrangement for the Ceremony:

In a traditional wedding, the sitting arrangement is generally row-wise. But it’s changing now. More and more couples are adopting this circular arrangement of chairs for the ceremony. The main advantage of this type of setup is everyone gets to see the ceremony as they get the circular view. In a traditional wedding setup, this was a limitation.

4. Statement Headbands:

Again taking inspiration from the royal wedding, this has been evolved as a trend that will never fade away. Statement tiara looks stunning with minimal makeup and accessories. Glittering tiaras are getting so popular and will continue to rock the wedding looks in 2019 too! Flower headbands are also in as they go perfectly with the mermaid wedding dress.

5. Plus size Dresses:

It is no surprise that the mother of the bride is the host of every wedding and she is the lady who will be dealing with all the guests. With a lot of work and hosting, she should feel relaxed and confident throughout the party. And this confidence comes from plus size wedding dresses. These dresses are trending as they compliment curvy ladies like a pro.

6. Artists:

Wedding artists are getting popularity at weddings these days. Their popularity comes from the fact that everyone wants to do something unique that every guest remembers. These wedding artists can make portraits of you, your family and your friends. There are many talented artists out there who can make live paintings too, make funny pictures of you and make illustrations.

7. Subtle Makeup:

This will be trending in 2019 as well. The daytime natural look is something which every bride wants these days. Makeup focusing more on glow, and soft shades of pinks are in. Subtle makeup looks mesmerizing on any wedding outfit. It just enhances the whole look and at the same time, it gives you a fresh, dewy appearance.

You need to follow a skincare regime which focuses on bringing natural glow on your face. Eat more fruits and maintain a healthy diet. Also, keep a distance from stress and oily foods as they can make your skin look dull and lead to pimples.

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