5 Things a Tax Lawyer Can Do for You

Are taxes confusing to you? Are you being audited or facing charges of tax fraud? A tax lawyer can help you comprehend applicable laws and avoid future difficulties.

Tax attorneys can help you understand legal requirements and prepare your taxes. They can provide suggestions regarding how to reduce your tax liability. They can also respond to an audit or tax fraud charges on your behalf.

Help You Understand Tax Documents

Tax procedures can be extremely complicated. Governments have thousands of different documents and forms related to taxes. 

You’ll need to sort through what applies to your personal taxes or your business. Attorneys are trained to understand complicated details of federal law and can make the process much smoother for you.

Assist You in Filing Taxes

If you have a home business, taxes can be especially confusing. You’ll need to understand what goes on your personal income tax and what applies to your business return. Tax attorneys can guide you in filing the correct forms.

Aid in Lowering Your Taxes

Are you worried about how much you’ll have to pay next year? There are several different ways you can minimize your tax liability. A tax attorney can be an excellent resource for helping you understand how to reduce your taxes in the future.

Respond to Audit and Collection Notices

If you’re being audited, you’ll likely want legal help. A tax lawyer can deal with the complicated details of the process for you.

A tax attorney can also do a comprehensive analysis of your case and find any possible errors that the government may have made in calculating how much you owe. This could save you a lot of money.

Provide Legal Defense

If you’re facing tax fraud accusations, a tax lawyer can help. If the government can prove you had the intention to cheat on your taxes, you could face jail time. Help from a tax attorney can make a big difference in showing you made an honest mistake with no intent to deceive.

One specific advantage of having a tax lawyer involved in such cases is that they have the solicitor-client privilege. Rotfleisch & Samulovitch explain that this means government agencies cannot seize the tax lawyer’s records, while they could confiscate files from your home.


Whether you want help preparing your taxes or are facing legal charges, a tax attorney can be of service. Tax lawyers have the expertise necessary to support you as you navigate complicated tax laws. They can help you file your taxes or lower your tax liability.

If you’re facing an audit, tax attorneys can help you respond to the government’s requests for information. They can also try to find any errors the government may have made in their calculations of the amount you owe. Tax lawyers can competently defend you in case of tax fraud accusations, as well. If you think you might be in need of a lawyer of this kind, check out your options.