Wheelchair lifts for the home are amazing pieces of equipment that give someone who uses a wheelchair the ability to access higher levels within a house with ease. Instead of being confined to a single floor or being limited when trying to find a suitable house, someone who uses a wheelchair has the ability to live where they want once a stair lift is installed.

There are a variety of lifts to choose from, though, when looking to have one installed in your home. Different homes will have varying layouts, meaning that your options might be limited to particular types. Here are four things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect wheelchair lift for your home:

1. Number of Stairs

Firstly, it is important to note the number of stairs that you need to make accessible to a wheelchair. Some areas where the number of stairs is limited to two or three might not require a lift at all. Rather, a simple ramp might be sufficient to make such stairs wheelchair accessible.

However, a larger number of stairs will require a lift as the height of more stairs makes a ramp impractical. Lifts are recommended in such instances where a larger number of stairs are present, such as are seen in a standard staircase. You can find more information on what lifts might be available to you at https://www.terrylifts.co.uk/lifts/platform-stairlifts/.

2. Space Available

The next thing that you will need to consider when you are looking to have a stair lift installed that is wheelchair friendly is the amount of space that you have available for it. Some wheelchairs vary in size and others are equipped with additional things that are necessary for medical reasons meaning that you will need a bit more space to accommodate a larger platform lift. 

You might also want to opt for an enclosed lift. If so, bear in mind that you will need more space. Horizontal lifts tend to need more space in general as they do not follow the direct line of the stairs that you have in place.

3. Durability

Because of the amount of use that your wheelchair lift will see on a regular basis, it is important that you choose one that is reliable and durable. Ultimately, this will depend on the manufacturer that you choose to go with. Do your research ahead of time so that you go with one that is well-reviewed and has excellent customer service in case something does go wrong later down the line.

4. Platform or Stair Lift?

You will most likely be able to choose between a platform lift or a stair lift, depending on the layout of the stairs in your home and the amount of space available for your lift. Stair lifts tend to be more versatile in application and can be adapted to fit pretty much any set of stairs. Platform lifts are similar to the ones that you see in commercial buildings but on a smaller scale.

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