Many government officials in the African continent behave in a way that makes you think that they believe their positions are there to give them a life of luxury. I believe that those positions are there to insure a good life for the people.

The Togolese
Republic is a small country located in West Africa. With a width about 115 km,
Togo is among the narrowest countries in the world. It gained its independence
is 1960. Its population is about 8.6 million. Its capital city is called Lomé.
There are about 25 ethnic groups in Togo.

The main 4
ethnic groups are:

– Ewe (3
million mostly Christians).

– Kabye (in
control of government and army).

– Tem

– Gourma 14%

president of Togo is Faure Gnassingbé who came into office in 2005 succeeding
his father Gnassingbé Eyadéma who ruled since 1967. Gnassingbé is part of a
political party called Union for the Republic (UNIR) which came out of the womb
of Rally of the Togolese People (RTP) in 2012.

Togo is
among the poorest countries in the world as GDP Per Capita. The Togolese people
are living a very simple life even in 2020. They still suffer from poverty and
spread of diseases. It is very clear that the government is not putting the
welfare of Togolese people first.

Is it fair
that some people own millions of dollars while others suffer from famine?

People in
Togo are in desperate need for help therefore I personally encourage anyone who
likes to do charity and give to others who are less fortunate to seriously
consider the Togolese people.

By John