Hair loss is a problem both male and female patients deal with. If until a few years ago, men were the predominant patients of hair transplant clinic, nowadays, the number of female patients has started growing. Even so, 70% of men experience permanent hair loss in their lifetimes, while the percentage in women remains at 40%.

One of the most common questions that remains is why are men more prone to hair loss than women? One of the answers to this question is a condition called androgenic alopecia. This condition can also affect a men’s facial hair which is why many of them choose to undergo complex surgeries for both scalp and facial hair transplants. One of the most used methods for such operations is the FUE technique for beard transplantation which also works for scalp hair transplants.

Back to our topic, let’s see why hair loss is more common in men than women.

Men can inherit baldness patterns from parents

Genetics plays one of the most important roles in hair loss and even if both men and female can inherit their parents from this point of view, androgenic alopecia will manifest stronger in men. According to various studies, androgenic alopecia is genetically inherited, and it is caused by the increased activity of the androgen receptors located in the hair follicles.

Hormonal changes can affect men more than women

Contrary to the popular belief that hormones affect women more than men, these hormonal changes, even if fewer, can put their accent on men through hair loss. Women too will lose hair because of these changes, however, their hair loss pattern is less severe and can usually be countered with medication. 

In male patients, hormonal changes will usually affect young persons who have high levels of testosterone.

Hair loss is more visible in men

Because of the baldness patterns, hair loss becomes noticeable much faster in men than in women. Men will usually start losing the hair at the temples and in the crown of their heads, while women will usually have to deal with a receding hairline along the forehead which makes it easier to conceal.

Hair loss is a problem both men and women suffer from, however, it is much more visible in men, which can make them take action faster than women would. Apart from these, the rapidity with which men lose their hair can make them take immediate action and the best way to act in this case is the hair transplant.

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