Dealing with matters as significant as installing a lock, rekeying it, or changing it altogether should be handed over to a professional locksmith. Hiring a handyman who doesn’t bring expertise to the table isn’t a good idea. But why is it a smart decision to take an experienced locksmith onboard, if you can get the same service done at a lesser rate? For the purpose of understanding, I’ve broken this article down into reasons of preferring a qualified locksmith over a person who knows it from soup to nuts.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Here are the key benefits of receiving professional services from a skilled locksmith that are worth investing time and money.

Swift Response

Whether you’ve lost your keys or forgot them home, it implies that you’re in an inconvenient situation. In such a scenario, a professional and experienced locksmith will aim to arrive at your property within a few minutes as he is most likely in the locality of his serving.

In contrast, calling a handyman will have you wait around for long. Even if he reaches quickly, it will take him forever to resolve your issues because of a lack of expertise.


A qualified locksmith can be counted on to be at a customer’s disposal at any hour of the day as he provides 24/7 service. Therefore, whether you need his expertise in a jet-black night or broad sunlight, he will go above and beyond to provide an efficient service. 

Many locksmith companies have several craftsmen ready to serve anyone who calls; whereas, a jack-of-all-trades may make you wait around as he may be busy doing another job of entirely different nature.

Years of Experience 

Of the reasons for hiring an experienced locksmith is the stellar reputation that a locksmith company has earned over the years. They have amassed loads of experience installing and fixing a variety of different locks. Since technology is evolving continuously, a professional locksmith has acquired technical training to gain a license and is aware of the latest technology integrated into a lock system. Added to this, a professional locksmith company also ensures proper training of its employees to install any lock properly. Not only this, but they may also provide a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty owing to the years of experience they bring to the table. Therefore, they will finish the job aptly. 

Also, a professional locksmith can give you a valuable piece of advice. To ensure safety, he can also do a security survey to guarantee that your property isn’t a theft target for burglars. Furthermore, he can assist you in choosing the right lock, depending on your need at hand.

On the other hand, a handyman isn’t trained; he may damage a lock internally, as he is inept in the field, and probably unfamiliar with the latest tech trends. Hiring him, you will risk impairing the entire system. 

Specialized Services 

If you have a high-end high-security lock installed on your premises, you may need specialized and customized locksmith services. For instance, if theft occurs, you’ll need services from forensic locksmiths. They are competent and well-versed in their fields.

Say this happens in Brooklyn, then it is highly recommended to get specialized services from a forensic locksmith in Brooklyn NY.  

Hiring a handyman will be a nightmare in such cases, as he isn’t trained to tackle sensitive situations. 

Professional Locksmiths Have the Right Equipment

Installing a lock isn’t as easy as it seems. Be that as it may, it requires proper equipment and the right knowledge of using them appropriately. So, it is best not to let any DIYer with a toolbox play with your lock. Skilfully using the right tools will guarantee that your lock or the whole system won’t get impaired.

In a Nutshell

To summarize, a man of all work will cost you more than the expected fee of a professional locksmith and compensation for any damage to the lock combined. For all the reasons mentioned above, hiring a qualified and experienced locksmith is proven to be a smart decision.