Believe it or not, many people have tried to live in a storage unit, and while it may seem like a tiny apartment, the fact remains that it is actually illegal to live in a storage unit. Here are 6 reasons why you cannot reside in a storage unit:

1. Safety and Security:

Living in a storage unit is not safe or secure. Many storage units are located in areas that are not well lit, making them vulnerable to criminals and vandals. Additionally, most storage facilities do not have adequate security measures in place to ensure the safety of someone residing in a unit.

2. Lack of Necessities:

A storage unit is just a room, while you can get a climate controlled one, this does not indicate livable conditions. Storage units lack essential amenities such as running water, heating and air conditioning. Without these necessities, life in a storage unit would be extremely uncomfortable.

3. No Cooking Facilities:

Storage units are not equipped with kitchen facilities, making it impossible to cook food or even boil water for coffee or tea. There also is no source of electricity available inside a storage unit, and without it, there would also be no way to use a microwave or refrigerator either. This would mean anything perishable would not be an option and without cooking facilities, it would be difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

4. Lack of Space:

Most storage units are very small, too small to live in, making them uncomfortable and cramped. Without adequate space, you would find it difficult to move around freely or even get dressed properly. A storage unit was not designed with functionality in mind, it was designed to store items, so living in one would be quite unpleasant.

5. No Bathroom Facilities:

Storage units lack bathrooms and running water. Without a bathroom, it would be impossible to take care of basic hygiene needs. A squatter might make their own accommodations in this regard, but that is incredibly unsanitary and overall unhealthy.

6. Illegal:

In most cases, it is illegal to live in a storage unit. There are several local and federal laws that could be violated, including trespassing and other related offenses. Additionally, most storage facilities have policies barring anyone from living in a unit and will evict anyone found to be doing so. Even if you do not get caught by the authorities, living in a storage unit can have serious consequences on your health and safety.

Remember, safety and security should always be your top priority when choosing a place to live. Living in a storage unit can put you at risk and is not an acceptable form of housing. For these reasons, it is clear that living in a storage unit is not an option. If you need extra space or want to declutter your home, consider renting a professional storage facility instead. Professional storage facilities provide a safe and secure environment for storing items, along with many other amenities that make life easier.