What To Look For In A Jogging Stroller

Getting back to fitness after having a baby is super important. But what to do about your baby? Using a jogging stroller is a great way to get fit while also taking care of your baby. It’s also safe and comfortable for your baby. So what should you look for in a jogging stroller?

What Kinds of Jogging Stroller Can You Use?

There are two kinds of stroller that you can use while jogging. The first is a jogging stroller, and the other is a traditional stroller that you can use as a jogging stroller. They both have three big wheels, although jogging strollers’ front wheels are locked into a straight position.

Jogging strollers are good for jogging but because their front wheels are locked, they are difficult to manoeuvre when going round corners, or going through tight spaces. 

Traditional strollers are more versatile. You can use the front wheel in their normal swivel position for day to day use, and when you want to jog, you can lock them. Normally a traditional stroller will cost you between $90 and $650. Double strollers are more expensive. Jogging strollers, on the other hand, cost as much as $500, although they can be used till the baby is 75 pounds, compared to 50 and 55 pounds for traditional strollers.

What are the Key Features?

Get the Right Weight

You want a lightweight stroller, not a 25-pound gorilla to carry. A heavy stroller just adds more of a workout than you intended. Jogging strollers usually weigh between 24 and 43 pounds. To figure out how long your baby can use the stroller, you should find out what the maximum capacity of the stroller is.

Get a Five-Point Harness

According to the Consumer Report, the best strollers use a five-point harness. A five-point harness uses a crotch strap which is attached to a buckle, two wist and two shoulder straps, that are inserted in the buckle. Five-point harnesses are much safer than three-point harnesses, which don’t have any shoulder straps. The shoulder straps keep your baby in place, rather than allowing the baby to slide out of the stroller’s tips. The buckle should be easy for you to use and difficult for your baby to unbuckle. The waist strap should be strong and long-lasting and fit comfortably around your baby.. They should also be adjustable for your baby’s height.

Check the Handle

All good strollers, whether it’s a jogging stroller, traditional stroller, or even a Veer Stroller Wagon, have a sturdy handle that is right for your height. When looking for a jogging stroller, you want there to be a wrist strap so that the stroller doesn;t run away from you. If possible, test the stroller to see that the right axle behaves properly as you move. The handle should stick out such that this issue is avoided.

Check if the Brakes Are Safe

It’s really important to have good brakes. Normally, a jogging stroller should have parking brakes, some being operated by hand and others by foot. Having hand-operated brakes is better for your control as you jog.