As a business owner, overseas travel is something that comes up occasionally, and more often for some. With technology opening the doors for remote teams and workers, it’s created the need for international travel when an entire team needs to get together for a conference or meetup.

The thought of traveling overseas can be overwhelming to some. Long airport delays, communication barriers, time changes, etc. In an effort to help make your next trip overseas easier and less stressful, consider these tips.

Take pictures of your documents.

“Take pictures of your passport and all travel documents and keep them on your cell phone. In the event that you lose anything, this can help identify you and get you back home in the event that you misplace your passport. It’s not something you think will ever happen, but it does.” — Tom Munroe, CEO of RugStudio

Get a lot of rest prior to your trip.

“Get plenty of rest and plan your trip to ensure you account for jet lag and time zone differences. It’s not going to be valuable if you show up and are completely tired from the travel and not sharp and focused.” — Shawn Schulze of

Become familiar with the area prior to arriving.

“Take the time to be familiar with the area that you’re traveling to. Keep your business electronics in your carry-on and always bring a notebook. Keep the professional persona and attire to a minimum when traveling. A nice suit and accessories could make you a target for criminals.” — Joseph W. Belluck of Belluck & Fox, LLP

Alert your credit card company.

“Call your credit card company before traveling and let them know the dates you will be traveling and if you have any layovers. There is nothing more inconvenient than having your card disabled when you use it on an international layover because the transaction is flagged.” — Ari Evans of AAA Handbags

Make sure to pack snacks and food.

“Pack snacks and some protein bars if you aren’t familiar with the food options. Not all foods are going to agree with you overseas, so it’s a good idea to pack some snacks that you can use as meal replacements in a pinch. A box of granola bars can be a lifesaver.” — Jim Epton of Dom Huga Ltd

Buy some travel suits.

“Invest in a quality travel suit. Bluffworks offers an assortment of wrinkle-free dress clothing made exclusively for traveling businessmen. Your wardrobe is a key part of your conference experience, so planning ahead and purchasing quality clothing is essential.“ — Sean Christman, Founder of Slamdot

Network as much as possible.

“Network. It’s more about who you know and not what you know and this is no exception when you travel overseas. Make use of your time and take others advice. Always have an open mind and do more listening than talking.” — Marc Webb, Founder of Real PDL Help

Make sure your phone will work.

“Make sure your phone will work overseas. Smart phones can help you communicate with coworkers back home, overcome language barriers with translation, and aid in navigation when in an unfamiliar place.” — Matthew Kolb of All High Schools

Make adjustments.

“Be sure to adjust your business model to fit the requirements in the countries you are visiting. You have already lost the battle if you show up not understanding your audience. FDO your reach get clear on your outcome, what you have in common and what you don’t.” — Shawn Freeman, Founder and CEO of TWT Group

Be familiar with the culture.

“Make sure you bring your passport. On a serious note I would suggest you read up on their culture and how they do things. We have very different ways of doing things in the US from the rest of the world, so get  prepared by doing a lot of research.” — Ben Walker, Founder of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Look into Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check

“Get Global Entry and TSA Pre-check in advance. These both make traveling overseas much easier. Global Entry moves you through much faster, and if you travel overseas often it’s a must-do. A lot of business credit cards will cover the fee as well, like American Express Platinum.” — April Gillmore, CEO of ClickFirst Marketing

Make sure your credit cards will be accepted.

“American Express is one of the most popular business credit cards, but a lot of places overseas will not accept the card. It’s always a good idea to bring the big three: AMEX, Visa and MasterCard. This way you will always have an accepted option available.” — Andrew Tran, Founder of Therapy

Fly in a day early.

“Fly in a day early and get adjusted to the time change. This way you are fully rested and get as much out of the event as possible. If you arrive tired and you are suffering from jet lag all day you will not receive the full value from the event. A day of downtime prior is key.” — Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics


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