You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘digital nomad’ and may already know that this breed of entrepreneur works online and if you would like to learn more about the daily activities of the online entrepreneur, here is a brief rundown.

Essential Hardware

A powerful business laptop is the working platform for a person who makes their living online and the majority choose the Mac Book Air, Apple’s flagship of a laptop, which is millimetres in thickness and packs a powerful punch, although you won’t get much change from $2,500 for a full-option machine. Fortunately, you can buy your laptop for work here, from a leading laptop and computer component supplier with the best deals in town.


Most digital nomads will run a top-rated smartphone, as this allows you to work on the go, so to speak, while the device allows you to send an Internet connection to your laptop. There are countless apps that can help you in many ways and rather than boot up your computer every time you want to send an email, your smartphone can handle such activities.

Stable Internet Connection

Aside from the laptop, a stable connection to the Internet is essential and today’s digital entrepreneur has an unlimited data sim in their smartphone, which they hotspot to their laptop and you are good to go. Coffee shops are used as co-working spaces for this new breed of entrepreneur, where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and meet other like-minded people. Click here for further reading on starting up your own online business.

Business Sectors

There are many ways a person can earn a living online, here are a few popular avenues:

  • E-Commerce – Selling products online.
  • Content writing – Freelance work, you can write for content agencies.
  • Forex Trading – If you have a good brain and understand how markets operate, you can make a very good living trading.
  • Consultancy services – You might be a design professional or a specialist engineer and your work can be completed and send digitally to the client.
  • Web Design & Digital Marketing – Web designers and software developers enjoy the freedom and independence that writing code brings. Many SEO technicians work from home and have regular video meetings with clients.
  • Online Teaching – The pandemic has accelerated distance learning, which was always going to be the new norm and many teachers have already made the switch to online teaching. There is a huge market in China for English language tuition, or you could become an online translator, if you are fluent in a second language.

The Benefits of Working Online

Seriously, once you have tasted the freedom and independence that working online offers, you will not want to return to regular work; say goodbye to hitting the snooze button on your alarm and dressing up for work is no longer necessary, as long as you meet your work deadlines, you can do your work in any location. Bangkok is the main hub for digital nomads, due to the low cost of living and great infrastructure, and armed with your laptop, you are empowered to do your work. Click here for further reading on working in Thailand.

If this sounds attractive to you, why not start something in your free time and if that works out, you can quit your 9-5 job and live the life of a digital nomad.

By Manager