Is it possible to increase the value of your property despite what’s happening in the market? The good news is that yes – it’s totally possible to add value to your property, even if the market is in a downturn and it seems like no-one is buying property. Want to find out how? Interested to know how you could make a great ROI when the time comes to sell? Keep reading, as the following are some top tips to increase the value of your home.


Updating your heating system should be top of your list if you haven’t done so in a couple of years. Geothermal and radiant floor heating are two great options. 

If the home you are living in you own it or you are willing to increase the value of your home then you might love our recommendation of upgrading your heating system to a central heating system. If you don’t have a central heating system or your heating system doesn’t have a boiler you might check your eligibility if you qualify for a central heating grant which you won’t have to pay. Yeah, you heard right. Government backed heating grant is now available. And there are so many energy grant specialists like Warma UK are helping the households to access the grants.


Home buyers are now realizing the benefits of purchasing a house that’s future-proofed in terms of accessibility.  Start by consulting with your local home lift specialists that will be able to tell you more about the cost of getting one installed. Also, be sure to ask plenty of questions about hand railings and electrically controlled ramps. 

Window Upgrades

The windows in a house is one of the first things a potential buyer will see so doesn’t it make sense to attract attention to your windows for all the right reasons? Swap out old wooden windows with modern uPVC replacements and watch the price of your home soar on the market. 

Luxury Add-Ons

We all love our comforts and luxuries at home so it makes sense to invest wisely in this area. Budget permitting, why not think about installing a sauna, jacuzzi or even a roof terrace? Or have you thought about building a conservatory or indoor cinema? Doing so could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.  

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the one room that potential buyers flock to during open house viewings. It’s where the majority of people spend their time when at home so it pretty much needs to be perfect. If your cabinets are tired and old looking, it’s time to resurface them. Do the walls need a lick of paint? Get the paintbrushes out. Are the fixtures and fittings in need of an upgrade? Invest the money that’s needed and buy new ones. Every single change you make to your kitchen will add to its resale value and the costs you incurred will be recouped. 


The bathroom is the second room potential buyers will want to see so it needs to be appealing and fully functional. Bright, shiny tiles, anti-slip flooring, power showers and gorgeous fittings should come as standard. Extras include a standalone or jacuzzi bath.  


We’re taking a step outside into the garden for this last point. It’s no secret that a house that’s beautifully landscaped will fetch a higher market price for the same style and size house with no landscaping. When designing, think water features, concrete patios, garden sheds, wooden decking, seating areas and landscape lighting. What may be expensive initially will bring you a massive boost when it comes to getting the best possible price for your home when it hits the market. 

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