Those like Shalom Lamm that have spent decades working in various aspects of the real estate industry have a unique outlook and perspective to provide on the ways in which the real estate industry has responded and changed in the face of greater technological changes that we’ve witnessed in other industries.

Indeed there are changes that have drastically redefined the approaches entrepreneurs in various industries are carrying themselves when it comes to the ways in which they run their respective businesses. The real estate industry is certainly no exception to this rule. Veteran real estate insiders have a unique understanding of the ways in which people are responding to these changes.

There are some real estate insiders who have been rather stubborn in their willingness to adapt to the changes that continue taking place across the industry and these changes certainly transcend the real estate industry, as noted. Shalom Lamm has been unique in the way that he’s embraced the innovation that technology has brought to the industry in ways that no other real estate developer or insider truly has.

Indeed, there are one of two ways to respond to change in business. Conformity can certainly be one. But it’s adaptation that is truly the route to prosperity. If one wishes to resist change in business , especially change that’s as substantial as the technological revolution we’ve experienced, the change will override them. Indeed, we have seen this happen in other industries where people have literally lost their businesses due to this attitude.

Instead, according to those like Shalom Lamm there should be an attitude toward change that’s more uplifting and hopeful. Indeed, change can present opportune moments and drastic opportunity for generating revenues in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Change does not have to be frowned down upon. Industries should embrace change and seek out opportunities to capitalize on it in a way that’s conducive to their growth. This is a principle that should be considered and applied across sectors. This is a reality – which is that the technological advances of the last few years are here to stay. Those that resist do so at their own peril.