It can be quite overwhelming to look for a new job. No matter if you are looking for a brand new career change, have been laid off, or just are perusing to see what is out there, the job market can seem incredibly daunting. But, with a little dedication and perseverance, there are some ways you can find the career of your dreams. Here are some top tips to follow during your next job hunt.

Take a personality exam

You may feel like you are down in a rut about your career, and this can simply because you aren’t in the right one for you! Careers should be looked at as extensions of ourselves — after all, if we are spending 40 hours or more each week working, shouldn’t we try our hardest to do something that sets our soul on fire? This can be easier said than done, however, so start off by doing some soul searching and determine what kind of jobs excite you. Then, take an online learning self-assessment, which will help point you in the right direction of where to look.

Invest in a recruiter

Sometimes, the perfect job can be waiting for you, but it may not be posted! This is where a retained search firm can help you. Most recruiters have access to job postings that haven’t been made public, as it is their job to find people with specific talents to fit the role. Plus, working with a recruiter is an easy way to ensure your CV is updated to the best of its ability, and you are applying to the right jobs where the potential you will get a call back is higher. When working with a retained search firm, you’ll be guided throughout the job search, so you won’t have to go through anything alone.

Create a list of dream companies and reach out 

So you may have your career goals in mind, but have you researched where you’d like to work? If not, create a list of multiple dream companies you’d like to work for. They can be as big or as small as you’d like, and located anywhere in the world. Once you have this list, go through their social media pages and LinkedIn to see what skills and expertise their employees have. Take note of these things and compare them to your personal skill set as a way to see if you match up with the company’s needs and values. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a hiring manager even if they don’t have any job postings. Sometimes, putting your name out there and expressing interest is all you need to do when it comes to getting attention from the hiring manager. If anything, they’ll keep your resume on file and write a note to contact you the first time a job posting in your field opens up. 

Network, network, network

You don’t know the power of your network until you tap into it! You never know the connections you may have until you ask around. There are plenty of ways to do this — talk to different alumni from your college(s), use LinkedIn to explore new opportunities, connect with old friends, and head to plenty of networking events. Making a good first impression can really go far when it comes to learning about different positions at companies you may never have heard of before. Be open and willing to try new things, and soon you may find a job that is perfect for you.

Just keep these tips in mind and a job you love will head your way before you even know it.