A move is a big step in your life, and you’d want everything to go perfectly well. For that to be possible, you have to follow certain steps so that it can go smoothly. There are many processes that lead you to move to New Zealand. Before you start arranging your property and taking them into the moving vehicle, you have to know what it costs to move. 

How much does moving to New Zealand cost ? 

Moving to New Zealand from the UK? There are many factors that affect the cost including distance, weight of items, and some other important factors. The weight of items and distance are the most important factors at the moment, and these will determine the prices in the quote that you’ll receive from a moving company. 

Below is a list of estimated prices based on the item being moved. The prices are simply estimates and will be determined by the moving company once your point of departure is accessed. 

  • One-bedroom apartment – £2,900 – £4,000 ;
  • Two-bedroom house £3,900 – £5,300 ;
  • Three-bedroom house £7,000 – £9,400 ;
  • Four-bedroom house £7,400 – £10,000 ;
  • Five-bedroom house £10,600 – £14,200.

If you’d want your items shipped via airfreight, it would attract some costs. So, the first thing to know is the total cost of moving your apartment. 

Ideas on Saving for your New Zealand Move

If you plan to move from the UK to New Zealand, you should understand that it will cost a lot more than just moving the property. That’s why you should know how to save money while you’re making plans. Here are ways that you can save money for your big move: 

  1. List all the items that you don’t need. If there are items that are unwanted, you can sell them. That way, you’re earning more money and using it to support your move to New Zealand. To make this sale possible, it’s ideal to contact Quantity Surveyors to help evaluate your property and let you know its market value. That way, you can earn an equivalent to that item. 
  2. Compare prices. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the first moving company that you stumble upon on the website. You need to check the prices that favour your income. If you spend all your money on moving, you might not have enough for feeding and all other upkeep in your new home. 
  3. Know the cost of every moving process, including your first few weeks of stay in New Zealand. Ensure that you make inquiries about the cost of moving, feeding, water, and basic amenities in the home. For the first few weeks of living there, you might need to buy some things, so it’s important to know those important items before you move. 
  4. Follow your budget. Once you’ve known the cost of moving, create a budget and follow it. Don’t go beyond your budget or spend the money on moving to New Zealand on something less important. 
  5. Start packing earlier than your scheduled date. Once you’ve fixed an appointment with your moving company, start arranging your items and keeping them in an accessible area. If not, you’ll be made to pay extra fees for packing services. The moving company may want to hasten up with the moving and start to assist you with packing. You don’t want to pay those extra fees when you can do it yourself. Of course, you might be comfortable paying extra fees for packing, but it’s ideal to save that money.  

More things about packing to New Zealand 

Do you already have a working visa or any other type of visa that would allow you to move? If you do, it’s time to start selecting the moving company to patronize. According to some reliable statistics, the cost of living in New Zealand is estimated to be 8.4 % more expensive than in the UK. The cost also depends on where exactly in New Zealand you want to move to. Morning coffee is something you’d want to invest in when you get to your new location. Apart from that, other basic essentials like toiletry and personal hygiene products are things that you should save for. 

If you have a pet, it might be difficult to move them to New Zealand. Generally, only cats and dogs are accepted, but if you follow all requirements. If you have another kind of pet, you might consider selling it to a new parent so that you can earn extra money while moving. To transport your cats or dogs, you need to use a special air transport designed for moving pets. 

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