GAMSAT Part II is called ‘Written Communication’. You must compose 2 written sections; one comes from Part A and the other comes from Part B. You’re given 5 comments and quotes linked to a popular theme. Then you must compose an essay to respond to at least one of these.

Look at this guide if you want your essay writing to improve so you can get a good score on the GAMSAT Part II.

3 Best Tips for the GAMSAT Part II

1. Practice

2. Create your strategy

3. Design an idea-collection

Let’s go over the tips in more detail:

1. Practice often

Start practicing by composing many essays and attempt to compose them on several varied subjects. You’ll easily find subjects that will be easier for you to write on, however, you should test yourself. To enhance your writing ability be certain to practice with subjects you’re not so familiar with.

Likewise, use your time to find out if you can argue two different stances on each topic. It can be easy to write about an opinion you feel strongly about, it’s harder to write about a different point of view. Learning this skill will greatly benefit you when taking the GAMSAT test. However, I would not suggest attempting over two stances because it can become confusing for the reader.

When you start to practice, it’s best if you don’t adhere to strict time limits. It’s better to merely allow yourself to keep composing and better develop your thoughts. Essay writing takes a lot of creativity and creativity has been known to decrease when time limits are utilized.

Strive to get around five hundred words for each essay. You might not have sufficient time to do that, however, don’t fret. Your score is based on quality, not quantity.

2. Create a GAMSAT Part II strategy

Get acquainted with the customary GAMSAT Part II layout for the essays. This usually consists of the intro, two or three paragraphs for the body, then your conclusion.

Work out the way you plan to handle Part II

Here are the steps you might take to begin an essay:

  • Read all the comments, then decide what theme is the most common.
  • Pick the stances you want to use, then do some brainstorming.
  • Plan out its format and how you want to layout the paragraphs.
  • You’re ready to begin writing.

Make sure the paragraphs in the body of the essay are balanced, meaning they are similar in length. This will show that you were thorough while brainstorming and considered each point evenly.

You’ll need to write quickly during the exam, this is when practice will assist you the most. Many people can write a great essay but fewer people can write one quickly. Make sure each sentence is formatted correctly and the readability is smooth.

Utilize metaphors, analogies, common day-to-day examples, and your own ideas. This will help you explain your opinions and thoughts in a relatable way. There are courses that can help with this, one of the best Gamsat preparation courses often recommended by students is the Gamsat Review course, which reviews each of these suggestions and how to put them to use.

3. Build a GAMSAT Part II idea collection

Though GAMSAT themes in Part II are random, you’ll likely find a subject you’ve had a chance to practice. While practicing it’s a good idea to build a collection of ideas. Opinions or examples you created while you are practicing could apply to several different themes. For instance, you might come up with opinions or ideas on how important friends are and that could also work if you have to do an essay on family relations.

Building a collection of ideas also increases your own creativity and could assist you in making the essay more distinctive. Do not be scared to reflect on any experiences you may have had in your life. The most memorable essays include personal experiences.

Here are several topics you can put into your idea collection:

  • Prejudice
  • Toxic waste
  • Immorality
  • Healthcare
  • Music
  • Technology Advances

You can also get ideas to add to your collection from many different places. For Example, TED talks along with ‘The Meaning of Things’ written by AC Grayling are great resources to use when you’ve run out of ideas.


The GAMSAT’s essay portion may not come easily to most. However, with enough practice, strategy building, and idea collecting you should be prepared to pass this portion of the test. The less stress on the day of the test the better, preparing ahead of time will allow you to relax and allow your creativity to flow.

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