Buying a used car always carries its responsibilities as well as the financial reward of a cheaper purchase. When buying a luxury used car there are other things to think about as well.

With Specialist Vehicles, the responsibility is shared and professionally handled

Have A Proper Inspection and Diagnostics Run

Because you are not the first owner of the car, wear and tear become a concern. Specialist Vehicles offers a range of services and inspections, guaranteeing a more secure and stress-free experience.

Specialist Vehicles offers a full HPI check (Hire Purchase Investigation) that is thorough in making the luxury car road safe and in excellent condition.

The Specialist Vehicles check includes:

1. MOT – Cars must be annually certified in the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. Specialist Vehicles is an approved testing centre and will run these extensive road safety tests

2. Servicing – Specialist Vehicles offers a range of luxury cars and a range of experienced and skilled mechanics to service and maintain each luxury brand vehicle

3. Diagnostics – Vehicles are now fitted with computers and technology that track and monitor the car’s performance. With this technology, it makes car maintenance and repairs that much faster  

4. Speciality repairs, replacements and maintenance – Luxury cars are designed with unique and enhanced features (tyres, suspension, safety features, computing, etc.). At Specialist Vehicles, all of these features are handled without issue or delay that you could expect at another dealership and supplier.

Financial Considerations

Buying a used car implies it will be cheaper than buying a new, first-hand car. The same is true for luxury cars.

Purchasing a used luxury car is cheaper, and it does not depreciate as quickly as a new car. New cars can depreciate up to 50% of their original value within 5 years. Still, because you’d be buying a used car (and it might be older than 5 years), you won’t have that rapid depreciation after the initial purchase. The value of the car will be more stable than a newer model.

The expense of a used luxury vehicle is its maintenance and repairs, but with Specialist Vehicles, there are comprehensive services and a standard Warranty. This anxiety of owning a used vehicle can be slightly alleviated with the right services and mechanic support.

Specialist Vehicles also has connections to high street lenders and motoring finance houses as well. A poor credit score does not mean you can’t drive an excellent car. There’s a simple application form that can be filled out in 2 minutes should you need it.

Specialist Vehicles can offer you the experience of driving a safe, comfortable and luxurious car with the added benefit of being connected to a professional and efficient dealership.

Rewards of Owning a Used Luxury Car

1. Higher Quality Vehicle

It almost goes without saying buying (even a used luxury car) means you’re buying quality and comfort. From heated seats to driver-assisting technology, the experience of one of these cars is elite.

These cars often have more powerful engines that can mean they have longer engine life-spans. It’s an investment that can last a long time.

2. You’re Buying More for Less

Because the car is pre-owned, the cash price is/should be significantly less. Hypothetically, you could pay the price of a new economic car for the experience of luxury!

3. Less Depreciation

As mentioned earlier, pre-owned cars depreciate at a slower rate. Instead of buying a new economical car and having it depreciate rapidly to no value, a preowned luxury vehicle will be a more stable and rewarding purchase.

There is much to consider when purchasing a vehicle, but Specialist Vehicles can be there for you at each step. For more clarity, visit

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