Media entrepreneurs like Ken Kurson have been leading the charge during the vast transformation the media industry has been engaged in, leading to a more digital-centric environment. Indeed, over the last few years as technology has continued to revolutionize so many different commercial industries, the media industry has certainly not been immune from this revolution of change.

This has resulted in a change of the economic models of many media properties. As the internet and digital media become more and more popular and in vogue, readers are increasingly turning to digital platforms to consume their news on an array of different subjects. Indeed, these changes have resulted in many media properties developing digital formats that allow them to capitalize on digital advertising revenue generation.

There are other advantages as well, to the digital transformation of the media landscape. Google analytics and other technological tools allow editors and publishers of news properties to better gauge readers’ interest in various subjects and also in particular journalists’ written work. This provides an incredible value to the news properties, who are in turn able to generate news production that is a reflection of their readers needs, wants and desires. For media entrepreneurs like Ken Kurson, this has served as a guiding light when it comes to better understanding a media property’s audience.

Indeed, the changes that technology is creating for the media industry are revolutionary. There’s no sign that those changes are slated to slow down anytime soon. On the contrary, they’re bound to continue accelerating as the Coronavirus pandemic has created an economy that is more reliant on technology than ever before in the history of the world. It’s important for media properties to understand that not all changes have to be viewed as destructive forces. On the contrary, there are ways savvy media entrepreneurs can capitalize on these changes in ways that will ultimately help increase their media property’s reach and influence.