It happens in the blink of an eye. One minute you were walking and the next you found yourself on the floor. What should you do when you have a slip, trip, or fall accident? We’ve got some advice on the steps to follow after an accident.

Medical Treatment

Your health is the priority. You might not think it’s necessary to call emergency services or visit a doctor, but complications don’t always occur immediately after the fall. Finding medical treatment quickly after your accident will help an injury claim should it go to court, believe Diamond and Diamond Lawyers.

The Cause of Your Accident

Make sure you know what caused your fall. Many hazards around us cause slips and trips. Slippery floors are everywhere, and they can be wet from spills or rain and snow. Even natural surfaces that are slick can cause a slip, like glass or stone. Clutter in walkways and aisles can easily lead to trips. Uneven surfaces, staircases and ramps, areas without enough light, ladders, and scaffolding are all potential hazards that can cause a fall.

Noting the Details

Take notes about everything involved in your accident. Write down all details of your fall: what you were doing before falling, how it happened, the address and spot, as well as the time and date. Jot down what you were wearing, and you can even keep the clothes and shoes in a bag for use as evidence in a trial. 

If you fell on a business or commercial premises, keep notes of all the employees you spoke with. Write down if they say anything that shows their awareness of the hazard. Showing that the owner of the property knew about the danger and didn’t fix it is key to personal injury lawsuits.


Take photos of everything. Take pictures of the exact spot where you fell, but also of the surrounding area or conditions that contributed to your fall. Bad lighting, cluttered aisles, or icy patches should be visible on your photos. Also, take pictures of any visible injuries that occurred from your fall.


Information is vital in injury lawsuits. You need all the information you can get from witnesses. Make sure you have their names, contact details, and statements available. Even if a witness didn’t see the actual fall, they could still testify to the conditions that caused your fall.

Report What Happened

Make sure you report your accident to the relevant owners of where you fell. It can be the store manager, homeowner, or the shopping centre’s landlord. Give as many details as you can and make sure you and the other party have copies of your report. 

Call a Lawyer

Get expert advice quickly while the events are fresh in your mind. Use a lawyer that has experience in personal injury lawsuits to help you through the process. Your lawyer will assess your accident and injuries, decide whether you have a valid case, and help to get the best outcome for your situation.

Don’t Underestimate Your Injury

Injuries from slip, trip, and fall accidents can change your life for months to years. Even if you think it was a minor incident, use these steps and have the correct information at hand if you need to go to court.