While some people use vacations to take part in thrill-seeking activities, vacations are also useful for unwinding and resting in ways that aren’t possible during the work week.

If you’re looking for a place to take a breather, then you should spend your next break in Sussex, England, which is full of ways to enjoy your downtime. Check out these relaxing things to do in Sussex so you can get the rest you deserve.

Bluebell Railway

Tours are the most common way for visitors to become familiar with an area, but they can be exhausting if they involve walking or biking. If you want to see as much of the area as possible, you don’t want to tire yourself out straight away.

That’s where Bluebell Railway comes in, as this railway takes you throughout most of Sussex to give you an idea of what the county is like. The rides on Bluebell Railway take you between East and West Sussex, giving you the chance to take cool photos of towns, hills, beaches, and other fun spots along the way.

British Airways i360

If you’re using British Airways to come in to Sussex, then you won’t have to travel to your hotel right away if you want to spend your downtime properly, especially if you’re flight lands in or close to Brighton. British Airways i360 gets its name from the observation tower that stands 450 feet high and provides a 360-degree view of the ocean and the city.

The pods in this tower are made of glass so that you get clear views, and the beach floor provides the West Beach Bar & Kitchen so you can get a nice meal during your visit. The Nyetimber Sky Bar has a variety of drinks you can try while you watch the sunset.


When it comes to relaxing on your breaks, one of the most reliable settings to get the job done is spas. You’ll be happy to know that Sussex is great for this sort of thing. Whether you need a massage to loosen your muscles and joints up, or a bath in water that soothes your skin, you’ll have plenty to choose from here.

You can give your nails the color and texture they need at the Treatment Rooms or Relaxstation, or you can try out different massages at Little Jasmine Therapies & Spa or The Spa at The Grand. Some of the spas in this county are located inside hotels, so consider staying at them so you can simply walk over to these facilities.

Castle tours

When you’re not surfing the waves of Sussex’s beaches or biking with friends through the hills, you can use your time off take a tour through the halls and stairs of different castles. Each castle is set in a unique area, which makes it easy to take beautiful photos.

Arundel Castle grands visitors views of the town and woods from towers of varying heights, Amberley Castle lets you stay in bedrooms named after bishops after you unwind by open fireplaces and in whirlpool bathrooms. Tours in these places will let you know who stayed there over the centuries and how they affected the history of Sussex.

Beach days

We’re approaching the time of year when the sun is sticking around for more of the day and the temperature starts to slowly rise. This is an opportunity to explore some of Sussex’s beaches so that you can spend an afternoon with your family working on your tan. You can let your kids or friends play in the ocean or set up a volleyball net while you take a nap in the sand.
You can check out Littlehampton, West Wittering, Lancing and other beaches in this county, and we advise visiting each on different days if you have the time. You can take a kayak or paddleboard out on the water if you want to unwind and get a good view of the sun setting over the ocean.

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