If you are planning to marry at
some time in 2020, there’s a lot to arrange, and if someone you trust has got
the wedding planning in hand, that leaves you free to think about your
honeymoon. Obviously, your partner would have some say in where you go and what
you do, but here are a few novel honeymoon ideas to contemplate.

  • Luxury Yacht Honeymoon – You could go all the way and get married on
    a superyacht, and after the ceremony and reception, your guests can disembark
    and you and your partner can set off into the sunset on your very own
    superyacht. Somewhere in South East Asia would be ideal, perhaps setting off
    from the southern tropical paradise island of Phuket, or even leaving Miami for
    the sunny Caribbean. There are online luxury yacht charters where you can
    choose the vessel and plan your route, and with a professional crew taking care
    of you, the honeymoon will be one that is cherished forever.
  • Country Hideaway – You could book a stay at a premier resort & spa, which will
    give you 5-star luxury and seclusion, plus with supercar
    , you can
    surprise your new bride by driving up in a Porsche or Ferrari. If you would
    like to book a supercar for your honeymoon, start with a Google search, which
    will bring up a list of hi-end prestige car rental firms, then you can choose
    the make and model of your dreams. Regarding resorts, most have special
    honeymoon packages, which include the four-poster suite, champagne on ice and a
    few nice surprises to make the honeymoon special.
  • Marine Exploration – If you both love nature, especially marine life, why not book a
    honeymoon when you can both scuba dive in pristine tropical waters? Phuket in
    southern Thailand is the ideal venue to host your underwater honeymoon, with so
    many great dive sites, and if you are novices, you can take your PADI diving
    course at the same time. You could swim with gigantic whale sharks and manta
    rays, while also playing with bottle-nose dolphins, and your boat skipper would
    know of all the best dive sites and places to observe the diverse marine life.
  • Hire a Motorhome – Many couples decide to have their honeymoon on the road, and
    while that might sound uncomfortable, renting a state-of-the-art motorhome
    brings luxury into the equation. Think of the freedom and independence when you
    are at the wheel of your own luxury accommodation and you can literally go
    where you please and stay as long as you want. If you live in the UK, the US or
    Australia, you can really get to explore your own back yard, plus you can have
    all the privacy you desire.

All of the above are great ideas
for a honeymoon with a difference and online solutions allow you to book
everything without even having to leave your home. As we only get married once,
you owe it to yourself and your partner to pull out all the stops to make the
occasion very special.

By Manager