Achieving your desired business growth is far from a simple or straightforward task; it takes a lot of hard work to move your business forward. The good news is that if you’ve discovered a profitable niche that has a demographic calling out for your product or services, you’re halfway towards being successful. However, having a strong product or service to offer is only half of the solution to achieving business growth – the other half is ‘getting the word out’ about what your business is offering. 

Without several creative marketing strategies in place, you will struggle to boost your growth or move your business forward. However, by determining the correct strategies to market your venture effectively, you can skyrocket your success. Marketing is simply about getting the message out about your product or services, and your brand, however, for marketing to be successful, the right strategies must be utilized. 

The question is, of course, what are the right strategies to implement? There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing strategies. However, several go-to strategies tend to offer the highest chance of success. 

Utilize social media strategy

Social media is a crucial tool that no business – big or small – can afford to ignore. The vast number of platforms and diverse posting criteria for successfully utilizing each can be daunting at first, but as you begin to build momentum and grow a following, your confidence will thrive as your business community thrives. If you feel you lack the time, knowledge or know-how to successfully manage your business’s social media, outsourcing the task to specialists like Angelfish Marketing, could be worth considering. Social media offers incredible potential, but only when it’s used in the right way – if you don’t feel confident with it, it’s far better to hand over the reins to experts in the field. 

Incorporate a blog onto your website

Every business website needs a blog. However, unless you are clued up regarding what you’re doing when creating content for your blog, the chances are that your blog will lack page views and followers. The key factor here is to think about how a piece of content adds value for your readers – if a piece isn’t of value, it’s pointless even writing it. The more value your content offers, the more authority you – and your business – will become as experts in your field. If you’re stuck for blog post ideas, you will find plenty of ideas online!

Leverage email marketing in the right way

An email marketing campaign is a key aspect of any good marketing strategy, and it can be an extremely effective one. However, if email marketing isn’t properly managed, the results can be seriously disappointing. The key thing is to think of email marketing as another way of building a relationship with your customers – you don’t want to spam them with content that isn’t relevant or of interest. Instead, you want to create content that they are going to want to read and not reserve for their junk folder — the best method for determining what works and what doesn’t is split testing – split test everything. By sending out two different newsletters to two different groups of customers, you can better understand what your audience will respond to more effectively. 

There you have it, a few simple marketing strategies to better fuel your business growth in 2020.

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