In today’s conditions, crediting for our needs has become commonplace. Some of us are homeowners, some of us take the car, some of us take credit to make the wedding or go on vacation. Although we try to make payments regularly, sometimes we are experiencing difficulties in paying the installments due to some situations. When this is the case, credit configuration can be applied.

Even though we try to make credit payments on a regular basis, sometimes life is not predictable and sometimes installments can’t be paid. If you have a housing loan and have encountered such a situation, you can apply to banks and request a credit configuration or refinancing. Loan configuration means closing your loan debt and restoring your remaining debt to the current interest rate. The biggest advantage of the loan configuration is that the total debt amount that you will pay by recalculating your debt over the current interest rate will decrease. Indeed, the loan configuration is an important element of all loanable solutions.

The credit configuration process is not advantageous under all circumstances. The configuration interest rate should be lower than the loan interest rate you are paying to provide you with an advantage. At this point, you should pay attention not only the interest rate but also the low configuration costs. If the configuration costs are high, even if the interest rate is low, the amount you will pay before configuring may be higher than the post-configuration amount. If you want to profit by making a loan restructuring, you should do research by considering all important factors and make your decision according to the profitability rate.

But insurance can’t be completely ignored


In fact, insurance is a simple definition to share risks and compensate for losses. Our health, our belongings, our house, our car in the risk of possible damage to the situation and the emergence of the costs we can’t afford to come to life situations. The big costs that may arise as a result of these situations are not a problem for you thanks to the small premiums you have paid.

Fire, earthquake, traffic accident, theft, floods, diseases, floods, such as situations where we can all come across. These situations, which you may think of at a time when you are not in your mind, can put you under a great financial burden. You can protect yourself and your assets by making insurance for years to work without any loss of your savings, or to cover the cost of medical treatment.

For example, in the event of an accident, the amount required to repair your vehicle may be greater than the amount you pay for the car. When the spare parts and repair costs, the invoice is not a problem for you thanks to the insurance. Traffic insurance, which is obligatory in our country, protects third parties for possible damage cases.

The most important thing, our health can be secured with insurance again. Private health insurance, which enables you to get the best treatment service in case of a possible illness or injury, meets the costs incurred in the treatment process and saves you a great financial burden. In conclusion, you might need “loan” along with the insurance to secure your future.


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