rubbish removal London

rubbish removal London

Litter picks are a long-held tradition in the UK where communities get together to clean up their neighbourhoods. London, with more than eight million inhabitants, is particularly affected b the litter problem. The high-density population, especially in areas with a lot of multi-resident flats requires regular rubbish removal London efforts. While community participation is key, working with a partner like Clearabee –who specialize in rubbish removal and disposal-, can significantly improve the effectiveness of a litter pick.

Why are litter picks so important?

For starters, they address the litter problem that is facing a community. The city of London’s waste collection and disposal efforts are usually spread too thin to be effective in most communities. This means that communities have to get together to solve their rubbish problems. Apart from the pleasant aesthetic value of having a clean neighbourhood, rubbish build-up poses a lot of health and safety concerns for a community, if not addressed.

Litter picks also give a community the opportunity to know each other and forge lasting bonds. In an urban setting, such as London, most people are too busy to find the time to know their neighbours. Engaging in community efforts such as litter picks gives a community the opportunity to bond.

More importantly, it gives the community an opportunity to learn more about how they can reduce their environmental impact, especially regarding littering. Community members, both young and old, who participate in litter picks, would be more mindful about cutting on their littering in the future.

Notable litter picks in London

Over 2018, there have been numerous commendable rubbish removal London efforts. They include:

The Daily Mail Great Plastic Clean-Up

The great plastic clean-up is an annual event that is organized b the Daily Mail. It usually runs for three days during March, and not only includes London, but also the rest of the UK. Residents are encouraged to form litter picking groups with their neighbours. While the focus is mainly on plastic waste, which is non-biodegradable, all kind of rubbish is cleaned from the street. London has been particularly enthusiastic over the years to participate in the program.

The Capital Clean-Up

The capital clean-up is organized by the London Mayor’s office. It was originally started as an effort to clean up the city prior to the 2012 Olympics, but has been retained as an annual rubbish removal London event. Through corporate sponsors, local groups are provided with equipment, grants and educational material on how to keep their communities clean.

The Beautiful Boroughs Project

Organized b the charity, Cleanup UK, this project runs in 10 London Boroughs. It is not an annual event, but a cleanup process that runs throughout the year. Cleanup UK provides logistical support and education to community groups who get together to regularly clean their neighbourhoods.

Rubbish removal during litter picks

While litter picks mostly involve the community, they need to work with rubbish removal London. Experts who will collect and dispose of the garbage that has been taken from the community. It is not surprising to find skips that are overflowing, or rubbish piles on the kerbside, after a litter pick. This is where reputable rubbish removal London experts such as Clearabee come in.

Regardless of the scale, whether it is a small litter pick covering a few buildings or a community effort involving thousands of volunteers, Clearabee has the capacity to provide its services. With different types of vans and lorries, all kind of rubbish will be collected, sorted and disposed of responsibly.

As a company that is committed to environmentally conscious principles, Clearabee ensures that 90% of all collected rubbish does not end up in landfills. Any items that can be salvaged, recycled or up-cycled will be appropriately handled.