The bathroom is a very functional space and cleanliness and hygiene are both paramount when thinking about the wet room of the house, and this is reflected in colour choices. It wasn’t that many years ago when white was the only colour to be found in the bathroom, yet white does highlight even the tiniest bit of dirt and grime, which could be viewed as either a benefit or a drawback. The only across the board rule regarding bathroom colour is light shades rule; light shades are obviously preferable, mainly due to the lack of natural light that some bathrooms offer.

Here are a few trendy bathroom colour combinations you might want to consider.

  • Lilac & Cream – Somewhat of a classic style, often found in old English manors, lilac and cream provide the setting for the rustic country look, with white ceramic appliances and standard bath. The lilac and cream are best reflected, so you would require tiles of both shades, plus your blinds can also include one or both of these shades, and you could create a floor pattern for the two shades of tiles and lay them in a staggered design.
  • Dusty Blue & White – Bathroom furniture in dusty blue against a white-tiled background is very easy on the eye and looks clean. Dull, matt finishes with a hint of brass or bronze make for an attractive feature for furniture handles, fixtures and fittings, and a couple of vases with dried flowers provide the perfect accessory.
  • Beige & Grey – These two neutral shades balance well together to give a Victorian look and with some white bordering, you can create a pleasant ambience. The best way to acquire bathroom tiles is to search online for a bathroom tiles sale and you can order the correct amounts, and you can expect to enjoy lower than retail prices when you shop online.
  • Peach & Hunter Green – A soft and elegant combination, this is ideal for the country manor look, with cream as a third colour, perhaps in the ceramic tiles to bring the room to life. Lightshades and blinds make for ideal green surfaces, while peach wall tiles are ideal, due to the light shade and can be intermixed with white or cream tiles.
  • Peachy Pink, Gold and White – The gold colour is best represented with brass fixtures and fittings, with peachy pink ceramic tiles to really create a soothing country feel, and if you would like some inspiration, Google image is your best friend. The Internet is also useful when shopping for materials, with trade suppliers of top-quality ceramic tiles and they have an extensive catalogue that is sure to please.

Of course, selecting bathroom colours is a personal thing, and all of the above work if the layout is balanced, and if you have an hour to spare, search online for some bathroom design ideas, which is sure to produce results. A lot depends on the extent of the renovation, and if you are going to enlist the help of a builder, they would have a few design ideas of their own.

By Manager