Do you want your website to become the go-to place for all the latest travelling news? If your platform is to scale these lofty heights sooner rather than later, then you’re going to have to resolve to take it to the next level.

To find out how you can improve your travel website and take it to a whole other level, be sure to read on

Improve your SEO

When done right, search engine optimisation will help you take your travel website to the next level. This type of long-term marketing strategy will help you to secure a higher rank on Google. Ultimately, this will make your audience feel more inclined to click on your website despite there being other travel sites for them to check out.

To improve your SEO, you must:

  • Align yourself with a full-service agency like Digital Marketing Reinvented, as they will be capable of building links with authoritative travel-related sources on your behalf
  • Leverage the power of social networks 
  • Start a blog to complement your website
  • Set up a review schema
  • Make use of infographics

Make your site mobile-friendly

Chances are, most of your target audience members will be out there exploring the world when they want/need to access your travel website. These nomads won’t always have access to a laptop or desktop computer. They will, however, have access to their mobile device most of the time. Whether they’re in a Parisian cafe or atop a Canadian mountain, so as long as they have their mobile device at hand, they will be able to check out your site.

To ensure that they are able to do just that, you need to make your site mobile-friendly. Failing to do so will only push your audience away, and this is not something that you should be doing if you’re serious about taking your site to the next level. 

To ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and subsequently doesn’t deter your mobile audience, you should:

  • Use responsive web design
  • Reduce your page loading times
  • Optimise your images
  • Never use small text, small touch elements, or Flash animation
  • Avoid intrusive interstitials at all costs

Start vlogging

People don’t just want to hear about your travel experiences. They want to actually see them take place. It is for this reason why you should seriously consider transforming your website into a vlogging platform. For one, uploading visual content of the places that you travel to will give your target audience something to relate to. Once a member of this audience sees a place that they have visited in the past or are looking to visit in the future, their interest will well and truly be piqued.

Offer packages

Don’t just talk about travelling, go one step further and offer unique travelling packages. Whether you simply announce the best travel deals or whether you go all out by actually sending your audience members on holiday, this is a great way to drum up some interest in your site.

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