How to Save Money on Medicinal Marijuana

Once marijuana got legalized, you probably felt relieved. Now you can use it without worry instead of addictive pharmaceuticals. However, there’s still one big concern that goes with medicinal marijuana — its cost.

Marijuana isn’t cheap, and health insurance has yet to start covering it. So, how are you supposed to pay for your medicine? Luckily, there are some smart hacks to help you save money on cannabis.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

It’s surprising yet true that most people never went to a doctor for advice and prescription for medical marijuana. They started using it after personal research and found it helps them.

In most countries, possessing and using medical marijuana without a document is illegal. A card allows you to shop in dispensaries too, which is much cheaper and safer than buying on the street.

Depending on your state, there are many possible financial benefits that a marijuana card can bring you. Plus, people who use tinctures will find they can buy in bulk with cards. 

Dosage Hacks

The easiest way to save money on your cannabis is to dose it correctly. Many people pay more by over-consuming it. They start using it whenever they feel bad and keep increasing the dose when the last one stops working.

It’s much more cost-effective to start with a low dose and work your way up to one that manages your symptoms. 

Establishing a stable routine by doing so allows you to keep the medicine efficient without overspending. 


Along with finding the right dosage, timing them right also matters. If you use it for soothing, for example, opt for the highest dose at night. Take smaller doses at the same time each day, as you would with any other medication, to prevent breakthrough symptoms.

Of course, if you still experience symptoms, it’s worth consuming a bit extra. Try to do it deliberately, though.


The active components in cannabis dissolve in fat, not water, which means that consuming it with a fat source will boost its effectiveness. Have your medicine with an avocado, fish, or nut butter to help your body process it better.


If you consume cannabis for health but don’t make any other efforts, you’ll find yourself wasting money and herb. Instead, try to incorporate it into a larger plan to improve your lifestyle. 

Include movement in your daily routine, consider an anti-inflammatory diet plan, and increase your fat intake. It will make you feel better overall.

Shopping Hacks

Getting your dose right isn’t the only way to save dimes. Next, we’ll take a look at some tricks to turn you into a cost-savvy buyer.

First off, buy in bulk if you can and if the price decreases with ounces. Learn about proper storage methods and find dispensaries that offer great deals with more considerable amounts.

There are also many online tools to help you find better deals on brands and products you enjoy. The world of online cannabis sales is still maturing, though, so you’ll need to sift through many shady sites to find good ones.

If you don’t have a particular product preference, another excellent way is to pick cost-effective products. For example, tincture lasts a lot longer than the dried herb.

Assuming that all dispensaries charge the same is a big mistake. They should, but they don’t. Some even offer products of the same or lesser quality for more money. So, visit many stores and compare prices.

If you don’t have a vast choice nearby, call or visit their websites. Then you can determine whether going somewhere farther is worth the gas money.

Grow Your Own

Finally, it’s possible to grow a plant by yourself and not worry about dispensaries. Check your state laws first, though.

Some states will allow you to cultivate a plant for personal use if you have a card. Others won’t, so checking the legal requirements in your state is the best idea. In some states, for instance, you need to live a certain distance from the nearest dispensary.

Also, don’t forget that it costs money to cultivate the plants. You could get seeds online on sites such as this one, but the prices of water, feeding, light, and soil can snowball into a significant number.

So, research before you make the decision but know that in most cases, it pays off in the end. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, with careful planning, you can benefit from the use of your medicine while still stretching your dollars a bit further.

These frugal methods are necessary for many people, at least until there are better programs for those using marijuana as medicine. Until then, apply our advice and enjoy a symptom-free life with less stress on the budget.