Nothing beats being served a delicious feast in a restaurant. There’s something incredibly special about sitting at a table and enjoying a plate of food that has been put together with love, passion and attention to detail. Sadly, most of us can’t eat out every night but there are ways to recreate restaurant experiences at home. In this guide, we’ll offer some top tips to help you rustle up stunning dishes in your own kitchen. 

How to make restaurant-standard food at home

You might not have years of experience or training under your belt but that doesn’t mean you cannot create mouthwatering dishes at home. If you’re a keen amateur or you’re looking to expand your repertoire and take your culinary creations to the next level, take these tips on board:

Buy high-quality ingredients

Every top chef will tell you that buying the best ingredients is an excellent place to start when trying to achieve spectacular results at home. Take your time to write a shopping list, browse the aisles and inspect fresh ingredients. Buy from local stores and producers, ask vendors for recipe recommendations and cooking tips and consider venturing further afield from the grocery store. Farmers’ markets and organic shops can be real treasure troves. 

Invest in high-quality appliances

Buying beautiful ingredients will only take you so far on the journey to achieving culinary perfection. The next step lies in preparing and cooking the food. You will need to get your timings right but it’s also hugely beneficial to make sure you have the right appliances and equipment. 

One of the most popular outings for diners is a trip to a restaurant that serves fabulous grilled meat, fish and vegetable dishes. If you’ve tried cooking a steak under your grill at home rather than on a commercial grill, for example, you might have been left disappointed. Investing in a commercial wood-burning grill is a surefire way for chefs and restaurant owners to elevate the experience and add intense, distinctive, aromatic flavors. 

You might not have the budget or the space to kit your kitchen out like a restaurant but it’s wise to think about what kinds of dishes you like to cook and eat most and look for gadgets and appliances that will help you recreate meals that have tantalized your taste buds. 

Storing ingredients

It’s incredibly important to store and prepare ingredients in the right way to ensure that your food is not only delicious but also safe to eat. Pay attention to instructions on the packaging and ask butchers or fresh produce providers for advice when you buy. 

Planning and preparation

Restaurant kitchens run like military operations and often, there is a huge amount of preparation work required to complete a busy lunchtime or evening service. If you’re cooking a meal, plan ahead. Prepare all your ingredients, get your equipment ready, clear and wipe down your surfaces and make sure you have everything you need to season and serve your dish on time. 


We all enjoy going out to eat and many of us have tried to recreate dishes we love at home. If you’re an ambitious home cook or you long to serve restaurant-standard dishes at your kitchen table, it is possible to elevate your skills and take steps to create more sophisticated, flavorful feasts. Take these tips on board to achieve stunning plates in the comfort of your own home.