Being passionate about extreme sports won’t get you far without a clear business plan in mind. You can make money from your passion regardless of how far you get. You don’t need to be the biggest name in your industry. With the right attitude and a smart business model in place, you can use even a small or moderate career to launch a successful business that will sustain you and help you enjoy what you love most throughout your life. 

How to Build Up Your Career as an Athlete 

To build up your career as an athlete, you will want to focus on a few key steps: 

Invest in the Best Tools in the Trade 

In order to play in the big leagues, you need big toys, or in this case, the top models of equipment. You need to be able to trust in your snowboard or in your inline skate, which means the top brands are the ones to turn to. Thankfully with online sellers like, you can not only find the best brands, but you can get them at a discount, too. Get in touch with one of their sales reps if you need help selecting the right brand to help you shine like the star you are, because you aren’t going to do it with an off-brand scooter you were given five years ago; you’re going to do it with a professional sports or stunt scooter. 

Compete in Local and National Events
Now that you have the equipment that will help you become better at your sport, it’s time to make a name for yourself. Find local events and sign up to them. Win, practice, and then win some more until you can qualify for national events. 

Secure Sponsorship 

Once you reach national-level, you will really want to start looking into sponsorship if you haven’t already. Don’t be afraid to reach out to companies, either. If there is a business back home that you love and believe in, then ask if they would be willing to sponsor you while you compete. The worst that they can say is no. 

Start Your Own Brand and Merchandise
Making it big means that you will have options, and one of the best options is to either collaborate with brands or to start your own. Focus on quality – while people will want to buy your t-shirt merchandise while you are hot that won’t last you throughout your life. 

Taking Your Achievements Further for After Your Retirement 

Those who thrive in extreme sporting environments often tend to make exceptional businesspeople. They are used to taking risks and know when to make that jump. That’s why you need to translate your passion into a new business idea before you retire. 

Surfers have found huge success in opening a surf school and managing a product line or store. Extreme sportspeople in all areas can do the same, and diversifying your income like this (offering a service and a product) can help your business become a huge success, especially if you use your name to attract people while your stardom still holds sway. 

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