When moving into an RV, one of the first purchases that is made is usually a mattress. Depending on your budget, you may choose to purchase a mattress at the same time as buying your RV, or you might hold out for a while so you can shop around for deals. Whatever mattress you purchase will need to be cared for in order to maintain its quality. Especially if it’s a custom-made mattress. Care increases its life expectancy, which saves money in the long run. Here are ten ways in which you can do this:

1. Rotate It Regularly

If using two mattresses in place of one double mattress, rotate them with each other by 180 degrees every month or two weeks depending on the mattress rotation schedules. This process allows sleepers to have equal wear on both mattress surfaces.

2. Keep It Clean

Make sure the mattress is dust-free before you take it inside the mattress cover. Never keep the mattress in close contact with any chemical or toxic substance which might get attached to the mattress material. Also, never allow chemicals to get collected between bedding layers, cloths or mattresses by cleaning the mattress regularly.

3. Keep Out Bugs

Ensure that no bugs are left behind after packing up your RV for winter storage or while camping at a place for a long time because there are chances of infestation of these bugs in your mattress if not taken care off well enough. They may damage the structure of the mattress and make its insides look ugly.

4. Ensure Mattress Is Away From Direct Sunlight

The mattress needs to be kept as far as possible from direct sunlight at all times. The mattress will get damaged if exposed repeatedly to such conditions as it makes the material brittle and weakens its overall structure.

5. Protect Mattress Against Moisture and Water

While camping, ensure that mattress or bedding surfaces are protected against any form of water or moisture so that these do not collect on the surface and seep through to the other side even wetting mattress itself and making it difficult and uncomfortable for sleepers who might have problems coming in contact with moist mattress during their wakeful time. Ensure using adequate coverings over the mattress outside when dry weather is not prevailing around, as the mattress absorbs dampness very easily, which makes it difficult to dry up.

6. Keep Mattress Away From Heat and Furnace

Avoid keeping mattress or bedding surfaces near heaters or furnaces as the mattress material gets damaged if exposed repeatedly to such conditions.

7. Ensure Mattress Is Kept Well-Ventilated

Make sure that mattress is allowed enough space for ventilation all through and around its structure so that mattress can dry up and atmosphere can circulate in and around mattress to maintain required humidity level within during cold weathers. If not heavily insulated, keep the mattress out of thick covering materials most of the time.

8. Protect Mattress Edges Against Damage Due to Friction

Keep an eye on the touching parts such as edges of the mattress which are most likely to get damaged due to rubbing/friction with other surfaces, furniture or surfaces in your RV. This kind of damage can be prevented by protecting mattress edges against this type of damage.

9. Protect Mattress Against Rodent or Insects

To prevent mattress from any possible damages caused by rodents’ teeth, keep tucking mattress all around its edges under the mattress cover so that no part is left un-folded where it might get chewed up into pieces. Keep mattress away from insect infestation (bees, ants etc.) as these insects might leave behind their poisonous substances on mattress and make it unsuitable for use after some time.

10. Wash Mattress Regularly

Regularly clean the mattress with a mild soap water solution and dry the mattress out in the sun for the mattress to stay clean and dust-free. Use a mattress protector which can be removed easily and washed at home without using any chemicals or other materials.

If you follow all these instructions for mattress care, your mattress is going to be in a good condition and serve you with utmost comfort. Protect the mattress during transport with pillows or other soft things as the mattress might get damaged if extra pressure is applied on it. After following all these instructions, now you can enjoy sleeping on a clean mattress that is part of your RV.