Garage doors are an important addition to your home. Not only does it keep your garage safe from the elements, but garage doors can also bring in extra light when they are sheathed in glass. If you are considering installing garage doors on your garage, then here are five chic garage door styles that will be popular in 2022:

1. Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors not only look great on any home but they’re also much stronger than garage doors made from other materials because glass garage door panels are so much thicker. The benefits don’t stop there either. The larger panes of glass allow more natural light into your garage which helps eliminate dark spots in your garage where dust, dirt or debris have collected over time. That said, there might be a trade off when it comes to how secure your garage is. Lighter garage door materials like wood garage doors are better for security since they’re sturdier than garage doors made of glass or aluminum garage doors, which means someone can just break the glass to gain access into your garage.

2. Designer Garage Doors

Your garage serves as an additional storage space and your very own man/woman cave so it should reflect your personal style too. When you go with designer garage door options like metal garage doors, you’ll get a wide selection of finishes and colors to choose from, including matte black or glossy white garage doors. That way you can give your garage the look that matches your house’s exterior. What’s more, you don’t need to use up all that extra space inside your garage for cars. With garage doors that include garage door windows, you can use your garage as a workshop or even a home office by taking advantage of the natural light that comes through those upper garage door windows.

3. Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are lower maintenance than garage doors made from other materials, making it one of the most popular garage door designs. Solid wood garage doors often come with solid wood frames to give garage doors the strength they need for heavier garage door panels. That said, adding glass garage door windows can help you enjoy natural light if your garage is located in a basement or deep within your yard away from any windows. Just like designer garage doors, you can personalize your wood garage doors by choosing paint colors to match your front door, house trim and exterior color scheme.

4. Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors are a great garage door option for those who want an eclectic look for their garage. If your house’s exterior d├ęcor includes a barn or a picturesque home situated on a farm, then garage doors that resemble carriage entrances would be a nice fit. And just like garage doors have evolved over the years, wood garage doors have too and now you can find them in different materials and styles to suit your personal taste and meet your security needs as well.

5. Custom Garage Doors

If none of these trendy garage door styles caught your attention because you already know exactly what garage door you want, then garage door installers can help you with that. Custom garage doors come in a wide range of garage door materials and styles, from wood garage doors to steel garage doors, but they’re especially popular for their ability to add curb appeal to your home. Whether you want a rustic look or a more modern style garage entrance, custom garage doors offer many different finishes, hardware and window options so homeowners get the exact garage entrance design they envision. In fact, some homeowners choose garage doors for their unique designs because it adds character to an ordinary-looking garage while also making it stand out from the rest of the homes on your street.

Garage door styles are really in at the moment. Gone are the days when garage doors were nothing more than garage doors because now you can find garage doors made of glass, wood garage doors or garage doors with garage door windows. If none of those trendy garage door types caught your attention, then you still have custom garage doors to choose from and a number of garage door materials as well. The best part is that these chic garage entrance designs work for both modern homes and rustic country homes alike.