What home improvements are worth your time and effort when preparing the house for sale?

Nothing inspires home renovation more than preparing your house for sale. But if you have never sold a house before, you may have no idea which renovations are worth your time and money and which remodeling ideas should be left undone.  

No matter why you decide to sell your house, you want to maximize its price to make as much profit as possible. You’re aware that prospective buyers are looking at the whole picture when viewing the property, so first impression matters. If your property looks neglected, outdated, or shabby, it can turn off potential buyers. But a couple of cost-effective improvements can add a wow factor to your property and increase its valuation price. 

Here are our recommendations

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Inside the house

Estate agents recommend focusing your renovations inside the house because most people will thoroughly inspect the interiors before making an offer. 

Reface the bathroom and kitchen

Modern bathrooms and kitchens are among the main priorities for most homebuyers because they want to move into a functional house. The good news is that you don’t have to tear any walls down to remodel the two rooms. You can reface them by installing new cabinet panels and doors and painting the walls. A mid-range bathroom and kitchen update offers a great return on investment. No one wants to buy a house with an outdated kitchen and bathroom because they’re the most often used rooms of the house. Use neutral colors, install new countertops, and tiling and replace the old fixtures to give the impression of a high-end interior. 

Eliminate mould

Nothing turns off a prospective buyer more than a house infested with mold. You already know that anyone interested in buying your home will have it inspected before making an offer, and you should prepare for it. Mould looks unsightly and creates a strange smell that immediately tells visitors that fungus is lurking around. The last thing you want is prospective buyers smelling mold the minute they enter the house. Most would turn around and leave. 

Damp spots aren’t as obvious as mold infestation, but they can also prove detrimental when trying to sell the house. Keep an eye on bulging wall paint, strange odors, and signs of moisture. Remove any signs of mold before welcoming prospective buyers.  

Remove asbestos

If you know or suspect there is asbestos in your house, deal with it before listing it for sale. If your house was built before the 1970s there’s a high chance it contains asbestos. Asbestos was a popular building material for a long period due to its flame and heat-resisting properties. Constructors used it in roofing materials, cement, insulation, or floors later to discover that it’s toxic for humans and can trigger cancer and lung disease. Don’t panic! You can still sell your house even if it contains asbestos. Hire an inspector to evaluate the property and identify the areas containing it. Once you get a full report of its locations, contact a company specialised in asbestos removal to clear it away and dispose of it safely. 

Update the décor

A stylish, modern house is easy to sell because it catches the eyes of prospective buyers. So, redecorate your house to make an excellent first impression. If your walls sport a bright blue shade at the moment, paint them in muted shades or white to match most people’s preferences. Take a look at the kitchen benches, and if they’ve seen better days cover them with stone quartz or faux marble. Install new fixtures with handles, clean the sinks, and bring in some plants. Any modifications that could elevate the house aesthetic can boost your house value. 

Outside the house

Even if we previously mentioned that you should focus your attention on the house’s interior, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the exterior. 

Landscape the garden and grounds

The outside of the property is the first impression the prospective buyers see when they visit your house. Overgrown plants or a patchy yard are major turn-offs for buyers. Remove all dead plants and trees and plant fresh flowers. Ensure that the lawn is green before holding any viewings because it impacts how the entire property looks. Newly planted perennials and shrubs will make your house feel more inviting and encourage buyers to spend more on purchasing a property that requires little investment. 

Upgrade the garage doors

If you can afford to put some money into upgrading your garage, the investment will definitely pay off because this home improvement can bring a healthy return. Also, new garage doors can make your house look more attractive to prospective buyers, especially if it’s located at the front of the house. Ensure that the new doors enhance the property’s overall appeal and match its style. Hire a company specialised in garage doors to install them because they’re an essential piece of security. Prospective buyers would always prefer sturdy garage doors to flimsy ones. 

Make a deck

People nowadays love to spend time outdoors, especially after isolating themselves inside their house for months because of the pandemic. Therefore, they’re willing to invest in a property that offers an entertaining outdoor space that allows them to spend quality time with their family and friends. So, if you have a patio or available space to build a deck, it is worth installing one because the return on investment is high. It’s recommended to make a weather-proofed deck or patio that will last for years to come if you want to ask for a higher sale price. It also looks better when prospective buyers visit the house because it looks safe and sturdy. 

Final words

By incorporating the above home improvements, you can skyrocket your property’s value and attract the right buyers. 

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