In 2018, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort sought ways to improve the gaming experience for lovers of football. This mission led to the development of a football game which enabled users to operate football teams virtually and trade digital collectibles of real life football players.

Launched in 2019, Sorare uses blockchain technology to protect the distribution and ownership of cards. It is a game that is easily available to a majority of people, but can turn out to be a bit complicated. This is why the game has caught the interest of a huge percentage of people as it’s proven with this website. While some players collect cards for the purpose of trading, others participate in tournaments on the platform. Because the game awards winners with additional blockchain cards and prizes in Ethereum, each player fantasizes about moving up ranks, winning tournaments and investing their rewards.

How it Works ?

Gamers on the website, form a team of 5 footballers using blockchain cards. The real life performance of these footballers determine a gamers rank on the site.  

Choosing a player to bid for on Sorare is quite simple. A gamer needs to enter the Transfer Market to know what players are up for sale. The Transfer Market is a place where a gamer selects the players that he/she can place a bid on.

After entering the market, click the button that reads “place bid”. This will further show a box where you can place the amount you intend bidding. After which you click “confirm” and enter the password used in opening your account.

How to Play Sorare ?

The following steps below are a guide to playing the game effectively.

  • Sign up on the website by registering basic personal details and creating a password. This would enable you to create your first team.
  • A new gamer, often called a manager, can start by entering his team in the Rookie League tournament.
  • Choose a total of five cards to help you enhance your team’s progress.
  • For advancement in the game, you would need to enter a minimum of four Leagues or play for four weeks to earn a promotion.
  • Having won cards, you can better improve your team with them.

Factors for New Players of Sorare to Consider 

In order to achieve progress in the game, below are three factors to consider.


When scouting for the best football cards to choose, certain things such as the real life performance of players, maximum bidding price and the current price of Ethereum should be considered.


A gamer can take advantage of the auctioning system. But you are not a huge fan of bidding, then buying from the Transfer Market is the next solution. A gamer can make purchases in the market.


Tournaments are designed like real life games. A team consists of 5 players which are a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, a forward and an extra player. Winning tournaments will boost your chances of earning blockchain rewards.


Sorare utilizes blockchain technology established on Ethereum, meaning that the cards are scarce and very rare. Each card acts as a Non-Fungible Token, making it uniquely owned by the gamer and approved by blockchain. This uniqueness makes it impossible for duplication. The platform currently has over 141 football endorsements and is rapidly gaining momentum.

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