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London is one of Europe’s popular fascinating travel destinations. It contains diversified recreational treasures that can keep a visitor entertained throughout their stay.

As a first timer in London, things could be a little bit hectic especially if you don’t plan well. Knowing places to stay, eat, and to tour will make your stay in London enjoyable and full of good memories.

Here is a travel guide you can use to find and buy day tours of London to make the most of your sightseeing experience in the capital.

Always Stay in Central London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the globe. Its outskirts are a bit more affordable in terms of accommodation but you could end up regretting it if you stay outside London.

First, you will have to spend time travelling to and from the city on a daily basis. Travelling consumes money and time, time that you could have used on wonderful fun activities. Or choose to stay in central London, pay higher accommodation fees but save yourself from the daily hassle of accessing and leaving the city.

Bank Holidays Should Not Be Your Option

In a year, it is estimated that 200 million people visit London and most visits are experienced during the bank holidays. People are crowded on every recreational centre and most hotel rooms are occupied.

This means prices are always high from transport, accommodation to meals. As a first timer, this is not good because you will not get ample chance to enjoy your trip. You will also be inconvenienced by the number of people who are always in a hurry to queue for attractions.

Accept That You Cannot Tour Every Place

London is a huge city so don’t think that the few days you will be around are enough to explore the whole of it. First, plan yourself to visit the city for at least four days.

Visit popular landmarks to get acquainted with the city’s most iconic spots. Trying to visit every place will make you exhausted and frustrated because you will not get enough time to enjoy every destination.

Book Everything in Advance

Booking your accommodation, destinations, transport and other services in advance will save you a lot of hassle as a first timer. It is cheaper because many companies want to give discounts so that you choose them and in the process, you get the best prices.

Popular attractions are cheaper when booked online as compared to when you want to buy a ticket on the actual visit day and the queues are a lot shorter too.

There Are Free Destinations to Visit

Some parks, gardens, museums and shopping centres are free of charge. For example the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum are free of charge.

You can find out free places to visit and save your money by looking online. Most of these places are crowded though so plan to get there early to miss the crowds.

Get an Oyster Card and use Public Transport

Well, London is a big city. Visiting every attraction on foot isn’t possible. The good news is that London’s public transportation system is reliable. One of the quickest and best ways to get around big city is metro, which is known as the London Tube.

Using this transportation option offers you a chance to quickly get to any area within London without wasting your precious time in the traffic. But you should avoid the tube at Christmas and during rush hour.


Plan your tours to London perfectly so that you don’t experience any mishaps. It is important that you select a good travel agency that will help you choose all your activities.

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