The current labour market has seen changes which have never been experienced before. These changes continue to affect many out there and it is imperative now, more than ever, that employees keep abreast of changes and current trends. Here are 3 basic tips for all employees in these uncertain times.

Be Flexible

Flexibility will be key going forward. Businesses are changing, adapting and doing what they need to stay afloat. As an employee you too, need to be prepared to change. Jump on any opportunity for retraining and development. A proactive employee, asking about opportunities for re-training, or suggesting changes to workflow that will save the company money are the employees who will last. Flexibility in how, when and from where you work will be key to maintain. Again, make sure that you are informed of any support for home working and possible government funding for further training.

Be Informed

One of the major uncertainties has been in regards to job security. So, it is good to know where the jobs are, who can still work and what is essential employment? Getting and keeping work will be important for many out there. A pressing issue that shows the importance of keeping abreast of current trends is the increase in redundancies.

More people are being made redundant than ever before, with COVID-19 being used as the reason for business closure. For those who have been in work and find that they have been let go, fired, made redundant, it is worth looking into what your rights are, do not let your employer use COVID as an excuse to breach the law on this. Unfair dismissal – no fee no win offered by Keelys Solicitors is a good way to go about sourcing further information.

The government has a responsibility towards those businesses that are struggling due to COVID-19 and many are able to claim financial aid and grants to see them through this period. It has proven easier and much better managed for the business to access this support, rather than the individual. Thus, it is incumbent on the business to look after its employees and use the available COVID-19 support schemes to make it through these times. Yes, there may be budget cuts and changes, but redundancy or dismissal must be the last resort.

Be an Ethical Employee

The points of hard work, punctuality and professionalism are the traditional markers of an ethical employee. If you are well informed and as flexible as a rubber band, but you cannot keep time, or follow company guidelines on health and safety, then unfortunately you are not likely to last. If you are lucky enough to be in a job, then the best tip to keep this job is to go back to the basics. Whether it be an e-based role, where you only meet the supervisor on Zoom, a shop front role or top human resource office job. Hard work, punctuality and professionalism will be the things that the employer notices. They are the simple first steps that you can do today to keep your position tomorrow.

These 3 basic tips for the employee aim to keep you informed as to labour issues in the current climate. Knowledge is power and the more employees are able to use this power to ensure sustainable, secure, fulfilling jobs, the better for the economy.

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