Throughout his decades-long career, Gil Laureiro has built successful businesses in the finance, health, and technology industries. A well-respected finance executive and first-generation immigrant, he is described by friends and colleagues as a hard-working professional who is a great asset to any organization he is a part of. They cite his exemplary interpersonal skills as just one reason for his success across so many fields. 

After serving in the United States Army for 12 years, Laureiro founded Luna America LLC, an official distributor for the Indiba ACTIV Therapy MSK and Aesthetics products.  Through his leadership, Luna America has distributed over 19,000 Indiva devices worldwide, helping everyone from pro-athletes to patients with muscle injuries get back in peak condition. An advocate for women’s health, he also founded Total Sono LLC, an ultrasound imaging company specializing in obstetrical and gynecological 3D/4D imaging equipment. Serving communities in the greater New York and New Jersey areas, Total Sono LLC ensures women have access to the best care possible. 

Laureiro is currently the CEO and co-founder of Silverleaf Global, a company that produces high-quality CBD products under the name NANOSOL. As a top leader within the organization, he ensures the company’s products are safe and effective, all the while making it his mission to educate the world on the health benefits of CBD for animals and humans. “What many people don’t realize is that the endocannabinoid system of all mammals — vertebrates and invertebrates — work the same. Our goal for ourselves and our furry friends is safe and verifiable products that promote our cells to work optimally, also called ‘cellular optimization,” he said in an interview with GreenEntrepreneur Magazine. “The NanoSol™ formula is designed to optimize cellular activity by minimizing endocannabinoid deficiencies,” he added.

The recent pandemic has only strengthened Laureiro’s commitment to ensuring consumers know just how beneficial hemp-based products are for their health.  In addition to educating the public on how CBD products can combat lockdown related fatigue, he also committed to distributing free hand sanitizer to customers who purchase NANOSOL products. “As the world slowly begins to re-open and we look forward to kids getting back to school, naturally we have some anxiety. As our anxiety levels rise it may cause sleep disorders, stress, it could even compromise the immune system. There are many studies that show hemp oil extract may help improve or strengthen your immune system by lowering anxiety and stress,” he says. “And, every beach bag, backpack, briefcase and lunch box needs a hand sanitizer in it!”

An avid supporter of small-town, grassroots journalism, he also serves as CFO of the online publication TownNewsToday. The organization h  elps local publishers manage hyperlocal news sites and spans 29 towns across the Unites States. In addition to local news coverage, TownNewsToday sites also cover technology, health, home improvement, and finance to help readers in all aspects of life. 

A true Jack-of-all-Trades, Gil Laureiro is a veteran, businessman, and philanthropist who has achieved success through hard work and determination. Skilled in everything from accounting and finance to franchising, law, and non-profits, Gil Laureiro is changing the world for the better, one successful business venture at a time.

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