Living in a storage unit may seem like a cost effective housing option. With the standard self storage units are required to operate and temperature controlled units, there have been instances where individuals under financial strain have taken up residence inside a unit. However, the cost is truly the only pro in the decision to live within a storage unit. Here are 7 reasons why you cannot actually take up residence in a storage unit:

1. Zoning Regulations

Depending on the location of the storage units, zoning regulations may prohibit residents from living in such an area. Most storage facilities are not designed for residential living and therefore cannot be used as a housing option.

2. Sanitation & Health Hazards

Storage facilities typically lack proper plumbing systems, ventilation, and sanitation resources needed to make a living space safe and healthy. Storage units are not staffed with the personnel required to maintain health standards, making it difficult for anyone to actually live in such an environment.

3. Lack of Security & Safety

Storage facilities do not have typical security measures that one would find in a residential property, such as locks or surveillance systems. Living in a storage facility leaves individuals at the mercy of anyone trespassing on the property and could put them in danger.

4. Fire Codes & Insurance

Storage facilities are not required to meet fire code regulations and do not typically have insurance coverage for individuals living in their units. This puts any potential resident at risk should a disaster or emergency occur within the facility.

5. Lack of Privacy & Comfort

Storage units are not designed to provide a comfortable living space, and offer very little privacy with their open layouts. With only concrete walls and floors, storage facilities can become unbearably hot in summer months or freezing in winter months.

6. High Risk for Theft & Vandalism

The lack of security in storage facilities make them prone to theft and vandalism. Without proper locks on the units, an individual living in the unit is at risk of having their property stolen or damaged.

7. Legal Issues

Living in a storage facility is illegal in most places and can lead to serious legal consequences if discovered. Depending on the severity of the violation, individuals can face fines and even jail time for living in an unauthorized space.

Ultimately, living in a storage facility is not only illegal but unsafe and unhealthy. If you’re looking for a housing option that will provide you with a safe and comfortable space, it’s best to look elsewhere.