Being I-CAR Gold Class certified is incredibly important for auto body repair shops, as it guarantees the highest standard of training and recognition from customers and insurance providers. Here are seven reasons why:

1. I-CAR Is The Standard

The I-CAR Gold Class Certification Program is the industry standard for automotive repair. It sets a high bar for technical proficiency and safety that mirrors the standards of the leading automakers. This certification proves to your customers that you are a shop with qualified technicians who use up-to-date repair processes.

2. You’ll Get Recognized By Insurance Companies

Insurance companies recognize I-CAR Gold Class Certification as an assurance of quality repairs, so having this certification gives your shop a boost when working with insurers. In addition, many insurance providers will only work with shops that are I-CAR Gold Class Certified and may even offer discounted rates if they know the technicians in your shop have been trained to this level.

3. Up-to-Date Training

I-CAR’s Gold Class Certification requires that shops have at least one technician who is up-to-date on the latest repair processes and industry standards. This ensures that your shop’s technicians are knowledgeable in the latest methods, which can help reduce costly errors during repairs.

4. Get Access To Latest Resources

I-CAR Gold Class Certified shops get access to I-CAR’s library of resources and educational materials, which can help keep your technicians informed about the latest developments in automotive repair.

5. Earn Customers’ Trust

When customers know that your shop is I-CAR Gold Class Certified, they are likely to develop trust in you and your services. This certification is a sign of quality that helps give customers peace of mind when they choose you for their auto body repair needs.

6. Increase Your Shop’s Visibility

As a shop with I-CAR Gold Class Certification, your shop will be listed on the I-CAR website and in the I-CAR Repair Provider Directory, which can help increase your visibility to customers searching for qualified shops in your area.

7. Boost Your Credibility

Overall, having I-CAR Gold Class Certification helps boost the credibility of your shop and gives customers an assurance that their vehicles will be repaired safely and correctly. This certification is a sign of quality and professionalism that customers can count on when they need auto body repair services.

By becoming I-CAR Gold Class Certified, auto body repair shops can dramatically improve their credibility and visibility in the industry. The certification sets a high standard for technical proficiency that insurance companies and customers recognize and trust, giving your shop a major advantage. So if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to get your shop certified today!