Given the soaring popularity of golf, most people are looking to swinging a golf club in a competitive tournament for the first time. It is always a great feeling when you hit the right targets and annihilate an opponent on the golf course. However, before you start getting ready for the best that Algarve Golf holidays have to offer, there are prerequisites one must know. Thus, the big question is, which five things should you know before playing golf? 

For a novice, golf always seems like a simple game. It is always the case, especially before you make the first swing. However, teeing comes with tips and tricks, not to mention that there are wide-ranging things you should know about the sport before joining a golf club. In this post, we walk you through some of them so read on to learn more.

  • The first swings count

Learning how to play golf like a pro may take time but you should never take the first swings for granted. The first swings are arguably the most important because with it comes vital aspects of teeing.  From establishing a good grip on the club, taking a good body posture, stance to body alignment, hitting the target involves wide-ranging practices. Golf is a game that requires utmost focus hence the first swings you make should never count for anything.

  • Learn golf etiquette and rules

In every game, there are rules. Thus, when it comes to playing golf, you should acquaint yourself with the rules of teeing before walking to a golf course. The unique rule with golf- something that distinguishes it from other sports is that the player is the adjudicator. Once you learn this vital rule, coping with other demanding rules becomes easy. Make no mistake about it. Playing golf is never easy when you first try it. But if you make use of common sense (the main etiquette), everything else becomes a breeze.

  • Buy the right fitting club

When you first walk to a golf course to tee, you will not need all your 14 clubs. But that is not the point. Technological advancements have seen the production of different clubs, each designed to fit a different physique. It means that when you first buy a golf club, factor in the length of your arm, swing speed and height.  Most importantly, ask a golf expert to help you with choosing the best golf club for your first game.

  • The language of golf is universal

Whether you choose to visit the world’s most popular golf courses and play alongside people from other parts of the world or register with a local club, golfing language is universal. Do not worry about playing in a French course if you do not understand the language. You will always get along.

  •  Golf is a very addictive sport

People always say golf is an addiction and we couldn’t agree more. When you think you will only need a few sessions to ace your golfing skills, you will always wake up to tee, even if it is against your wish.

Final thoughts

In the end, playing golf boils down to learning the rules. It is a highly entertaining game. Once you get hooked to a club, you will always want to play more. Most importantly, golf pro will teach you how to tee better than anyone else.

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