Fitness is becoming more personalized than ever before. Strides in multimedia and personal technology gives users customized workouts, individual feedback, and more motivation. Here are four fitness trends that are making working out a better experience for wide audiences in 2019.

Wearable Technology

The Internet of Things is constantly evolving. Wearable fitness technology allows individuals to count steps, monitor their exercise, and receive reminders. Wristbands and other devices also have the capability to measure heart rate and blood pressure. Watch for wearable technology to become more and more popular throughout 2019.

Fitbits and Apple Watches are two of the most popular examples of wearable fitness technology. They give wearers the option to set their own goals and choose their own exercise programs. While this is useful for workout sessions, it’s just as beneficial for encouraging healthy lifestyles. Because these devices can be worn all day long, they can be programmed to encourage more walking, less sitting, and other healthy behaviors. 

Group Training


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The U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommends a minimum of either 150 minutes of moderately vigorous activity or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. But strength-training activities and aerobic exercise are missing from many people’s fitness routines. Fun boot camps, kickboxing lessons, and group sessions are turning this trend around because of two key benefits:

  1. They make exercise more social. Being busy makes it hard to socialize. Lots of working professionals have to choose between working out and recreation. Combining the two lets people work out with friends and meet people.
  2. Group training offers something new each time. Exercise plateaus happen when people do the same routine every time. Following the same routine actually slows down muscle growth. Group training sessions have varied workout plans and an expert to guide people through new techniques.

Group training can also make fitness novices feel more comfortable. For all these reasons, gyms that offer diverse classes and group training are going to remain popular.

At-Home Exercise

Convenience is king, and at-home services are proving that. Interactive exercise equipment and subscription video services make it easier than ever for people to fit in a workout without leaving the house. People with busy schedules or children can “hit the gym” more easily when the gym is at home. Interactive equipment and online guides give people the resources to start a routine and do new exercises.

Live Video Broadcasting

At-home exercise is as popular as ever, and it’s only getting better with two-way communication. Live video broadcasting is breaking down barriers and giving people more feedback. Fitness gurus and class leaders can live-broadcast workout sessions with groups or individuals. This gives users the ability to connect with experts around the world and still get immediate feedback.

Live broadcasting also lets users form communities. People can post their stats, progress, and goals. They can work out together, help each other stay motivated, and even lead their own workout classes. This convenience and customization keep users motivated and on-track.

As you can see, technology and exercise is a popular combination, with technology making exercise more accessible and more effective than ever before. Watch for these and other fitness-related trends to continue to grow in popularity in 2019.

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