Local Wokingham Newspaper Spotlights Family History Documentaries Supported by Davina

Davina McCall Extols The Talking Family Album Company for Crafting Family History Documentaries

Davina McCall, the renowned television personality, has been effusive in her praise for The Talking Family Album Company, a venture that specializes in producing compelling family history documentaries. She particularly commends its founder, Alan Howard, who has teamed up with My Wokingham to offer an exclusive service valued at £1,200 as a complimentary prize.

The popular TV star, most recently seen on our screens hosting the dating show “My Mum, Your Dad,” is an enthusiastic advocate of The Talking Family Album Company. The company offers the unique opportunity to have your family history professionally documented in a captivating film format, helmed by the experienced TV producer and director, Alan Howard.

In her podcast, “Making the Cut,” which she co-hosts with her boyfriend and celebrity hairdresser, Michael Douglas, Davina fondly reminisced about her longstanding friendship with Alan. She revealed, “Alan is an old friend of mine. He was a producer at MTV and was the one who called me to offer me a job back in the day. We collaborated on projects, shared incredible experiences, and have remained close friends ever since.”

Alan added: “I strongly believe that everyone should be able to do their own version of this for your own family, regardless of budget, which is why there is a totally free downloadable work sheet on how to film these yourself, using just your smartphone. Alternatively, we’d be honoured to capture and edit a Talking Family Documentary for your family history. I’ve kept prices as low as possible whilst maintaining high standards.”

Nick Marr CEO of My Wokingham “people are drawn to family history for several compelling reasons:

Connection to Roots: Exploring one’s family history provides a profound connection to one’s roots and heritage. It allows individuals to understand their origins, culture, and traditions, which can instill a sense of identity and belonging.

Personal Discovery: Family history research often leads to fascinating discoveries about one’s ancestors, such as their achievements, challenges, and life stories. These discoveries can be personally enriching and inspiring.

Sense of Continuity: Many people find comfort in tracing their family’s lineage as it highlights the continuity of life across generations. It underscores the idea that they are part of a larger, ongoing narrative.

Preservation of Memory: Researching and documenting family history helps preserve the memory of ancestors. It ensures that their stories, accomplishments, and experiences are not forgotten and can be passed down to future generations.

Understanding Family Dynamics: Learning about the relationships and dynamics within one’s family tree can provide insights into one’s own family and interpersonal relationships. It can help individuals understand the origins of family traditions, quirks, and values.

Emotional Connection: Family history research often elicits strong emotional responses. Discovering long-lost relatives, reading old letters, or uncovering family secrets can evoke deep emotions, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.

Cultural and Historical Context: Family history is closely intertwined with broader cultural and historical contexts. By researching their family’s past, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the historical events and societal changes that influenced their ancestors.

Personal Legacy: Some people engage in family history research as a way to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. They want their descendants to have access to their family’s history and insights into their own lives.

Hobby and Intellectual Pursuit: For many, researching family history is an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating hobby. It involves detective work, problem-solving, and the thrill of uncovering hidden gems in historical records.

Connection with Others: Family history can also serve as a means of connecting with relatives, both near and distant. It can lead to family reunions, the establishment of new relationships, and the strengthening of existing bonds.

Health Insights: Some people delve into their family history to gain insights into hereditary health conditions and genetic traits that may be relevant to their own health and well-being.

Its clear family history appeals to people’s curiosity about their origins, their desire to understand their place in the world, and their interest in preserving and sharing the stories of those who came before them. It provides a meaningful and often emotionally rewarding journey of self-discovery and connection.

By Rob